Clown Pants?

So, if you’re Rihanna and you’re wearing crochet clown pants, does that make it okay? The look on the other’s faces in the pictures with her pretty much says it all…well, except for the dude really…

However, in her defense at least she can wear them pretty well unlike these two:

9 Comments to “Clown Pants?”

  1. Wow, she could be a Wal-Martian in those things ….

  2. Ok, if I were going to crochet pants, I think I would NOT do it in the round – because the horizontal lines are just NOT attractive. I would do it long ways – from cuff of pant to waist band, working in the shaping for the crotch/butt area with each round. At least, that way, the texture would more closely resemble corduroy.

    NOT that I am a fan of making crochet fabric into pants. I don’t even like pants knit with anything bigger than thread on an industrial machine. (you know 60 stitches or more to the inch).

    I don’t think the grey suspender pants were all that bad – but the clown pants … were just not right ANY body.

  3. Rihanna’s pants are not crocheted. No offense but crochet items do not hold their shape like that they are more like printed fabric, as for the others WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!

    • LOL they look like the lycra tights we used to rock climb in during the 1980’s and ’90’s. Not that anyone would be caught dead on the rock in those … ever …

  4. Not sure the dude has noticed her clown pants!

  5. Do you think she also has a crochet hoop skirt in her closet? Or maybe some crochet 1980s MC Hammer parachute pants?

  6. About the last one: I approve.
    If you can’t set a good example, best to serve as a horrible warning to others.

  7. 1) Although nice, doubtful that the first one is crochet.

    2) They do drape nicely, but suspenders??

    3) Need to be in a finer yarn or thread with no lumps and bumps.

  8. The last one isn’t really that bad actually. Agree that it needs fewer lumps and bumps, a finer thread, and different colors. I wouldn’t wear them, though.

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