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September 29, 2006

Flower Strewn Clutch Purse

Strewn? How about thrown-up on? The colours are horrid and the flower placements make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Definitely not for someone to carry around or maybe it’s meant to go with a clown suit. Some of the flowers have some really odd shapes to them too…like the one in the lower left corner…what does that remind you of? 😐

Thanks to Heidi from Germany for this submission!

September 16, 2006

Purple Braids Wig

This recent submission by a few readers really took the perverbial fug cake! What the h*ll? Lionbrand has gone off the deep end. Is this in preparation for Hallowe’en? I don’t see any reference to the holiday so I guess not. Have they really sunk that low on pattern creation that they truly believe this is going to sell one of their yarns called “Incredible”? This one really should offend all crocheters – just how stupid do they think they are?

Thanks to everyone who submitted this one – quite a few readers found this one!

September 3, 2006

Broom Cover

Need to “gussy up” your broom? Here’s the perfect little crochet accessory. I wonder how long it’d take to get the bright white yarn dirty? Oh right, what am I saying? Who cares … it’s to make the broom look purty … just ignore me for the obvious functional question.

You have to buy this pattern – it’s not even free and I’m sure nobody could figure out how to do it either – it looks so intricate.

Thanks to Timethief for this submission.

September 1, 2006

Dread Pirate Sam

This whole crochet amigurumi thing has really exploded lately and granted, there are some really cute ones out there and well-made ones but this one scares the be-jeebers right out of me! It is pretty creative, I’ll give the designer that but it’s all about the finer details when deciding what’s good or bad amigurumi. Some of those finer details that pushed it over the edge:

  • Buttons for eyes – tacky.
  • Strings hanging off the belt – tacky.
  • Two strands of who knows what in the hair – tacky.
  • Weird drawn on mouth – tacky.

Some of you may like it and that’s okay too – the pattern will be for sale soon if you’re interested.

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