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November 5, 2011


The designer describes this thing as “luxury ladies designer gillet/top/vest”…  And in case you are still not tempted, here’s the description of the item for sale and the kicker? It’s copyright protected! Well, if someone wants to steal this they need to be locked up and the key thrown away! Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers for sending this one in!

From my new collection inspired by “”Fotoula” Amazing statement gillet in lilac color and many other colors! It is embroidered with knitted roses and leaves. It is handmade crochet with seven colors and different yarns The size of this model is M/L. If you want it sent me your size and i will make in any color you want! This item is copyright protected! ENJOY

October 9, 2011

Clown Pants?

So, if you’re Rihanna and you’re wearing crochet clown pants, does that make it okay? The look on the other’s faces in the pictures with her pretty much says it all…well, except for the dude really…

However, in her defense at least she can wear them pretty well unlike these two:

September 26, 2011

Make it stop.

Nothing is flattering about any of these designs…somebody make it stop…please?

July 29, 2011

For those hot days of summer…

Thank goodness for the mannequins, right? It’s not hard to figure out why the live model on the beach is crossing her legs the way she is…bet she’s wishing she’d never have to stand up!

July 6, 2011

Get ready for winter…

Do you see your favorite?  Get your hooks ready!

June 19, 2011


These may be from a vintage Patons pattern book and sure, they aren’t quite modern to today’s standards but why oh why is one model feeding another model ice cream? I don’t get the point of that at all – does it make the hot pants hot?

May 1, 2011

Cocoon Wedding

I think this dress is knit but some places say it’s crocheted but since the Royal Wedding is all over the airwaves right now, it seems fitting as it’s a “stitched” dress.  Could you imagine the gasps of horror if this was the dress Kate was wearing?

I think the facial expression of the little bridesmaid pretty much sums up this dress although she should probably make that face and cover her eyes. Nothing like a little one adding levity to an otherwise formal affair.

April 13, 2011

For the bedroom…

Hopefully your partner won’t run when you show up in this outfit!

March 5, 2011

500 minimum!

If you like it, you can have this mass-produced at a 500 item minimum and if it really catches on, the manufacturer can “hand crochet” 50,000 units a month!  Go forth and sell this bad boy…I dare you!

Who exactly would be hand crocheting this at 50,000 units a month? Yikes, there must be crochet slave labor camps somewhere in the world if this is true.

February 2, 2011

Oldie but a Goody?

Put them on a movie star and that will make them all better:

Or better yet, add a matching bag:

Or get wild and change up the colors:

So what do you think? It’s an oldie but a goody or out with the old and you’re sick of granny squares?

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