Make it stop.

Nothing is flattering about any of these designs…somebody make it stop…please?

36 Comments to “Make it stop.”

  1. That first one would make some rockin curtains

  2. I actually like a couple of these though several are pretty bad. The first one looks like someone seamed a bunch of table runners together, the third one is ugly and shapeless IMO. However, I like the second one if you removed the fluff from the neckline and I quite like the last one too which surprised me.

  3. The second and fourth ones wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the collars. Oh gods, those collars.

  4. Frankly, that’s just your opinion. The first one, I like. The second one would be cute in a different color choice. The third would be an absolutely cute beach cover up. The fourth isn’t all that bad, though I personally think they did too many “scrumbles” around the neck line.

    God Bless,

    • I’m loving the passive aggressive quality of this message. Starts with a snarky “that’s just your opinion” (oh really, and who’s else would it be?) but concludes with a “god bless” cause that makes all the snark go away.

  5. Proof Positive that just because you *can* do a thing doesn’t mean you *should* do a thing! Ewww!

  6. The collar on the 2nd one looks like it’s made of pot-scrubbers.

  7. From my perspective, the designs make the yarns look good, but not the models.

    Perhaps someone was using these designs to sell yarn?

  8. Why would you even bother to post this if your feelings were all negative about it??

  9. I like the last one – I think it’s a colour issue. As a caveat, I’d like to point out that most people I work with agree I have absolutely no taste, but I carry it well!

  10. I actually like the colors used in the projects. But……

    1) Giant doilies

    2) Seaweed neckline

    3) Grannie’s blanket

    4) Eighties shoulders

    Why not design wearables that showcase how FLATTERING crochet can be?

  11. Wow, they kind of make my eyes hurt a little! Plus the model on number 3 looks very surly!

  12. Isn’t it obvious that taste differs? I possibly find some of what you like horrendus, but you don’t put that up here do you?

    Most of those have sound basics under them but are not my colour choice (some people’s though and that is fine). Others have a frill or ruff too many, but again in my view. Why not put your taste up for ridecule. Wouldn’t that be fun? But perhaps it wouldn’t be. Not for you at least but you don’t mind us laughing at others? Isn’t that a sign of deep unpleasantness?

    Dear dear dear. Why not be positive and find some crochet that you do like?

  13. Yes.
    All crochet is beautiful.
    No matter what the colour, pattern, or material used.
    There is no such thing as ugly crochet.
    That is why you cannot find any ugly crochet in all the internet.

  14. My brother has commissioned a cell phone cover – granny square? Scrumbles? Bottom-dwelling sea creatures?

    • Dang…
      The first time I read this, I read it as “My brother has commissioned a cell phone tower” and wanted in on it.

      And I still do… who’s with me?
      (Although I’m totally NOT talking about a 2 story-tall fetus.)

  15. The first one would be good for sunbathing… sort of bodysuit tattoo kind of thing… Okay, maybe not.

  16. Count me in with the those who think 2 and 4 are rather nice if you take away the collar vomit.

    stpannie and Anonymous – you crack me up!

  17. I think the first piece would be greatly helped, and quite eye catching, if it were lined. Put it up against a little gray or medium blue and let it style!

  18. I think this is sick. You have given motherhood a punch in the eye — SHAME ON YOU —

  19. I guess you’re not showing enough baby booties and blankies?

  20. most of these are good workemanship in a sense. they all have nice elemnets too. ( wellt he third one is just a bed jacked for grandmoters to me) its just too much of everything for my taste. doily, crochet flowers, netting, towl lace as ruffels… they are like samlpers, were one shows all that they can do. unforunatly samplers were not surposed to be worn. they belong on walls.

  21. LMAO! The comments are funnier than the vests.XD (Honestly, I like some of these.)

  22. I like the last one… maybe not the colors. It’s meant to be art to wear, not run of the mill. JMO

  23. I rather like the cardi, the multicolour one. Oh, well, that’s just me. LOL!

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