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June 29, 2006

Beaded Crochet Cap

On one hand this “cap” is not that bad and on the other hand, just how heavy would it be with all those beads? It’s advertised as an “adventure to make and wear”…ya, I’m sure…you’d be busy looking at your toes to make sure it doesn’t slide right off the back of your head! And just what occasion would you wear this for and with what type of outfit?

It looks like a lot of intricate work to create this thing too as it includes crochet thread in the kit. May as well just keep on going and make it into a doily large enough to fit on a table – probably a more appropriate place for this type of crochet.

June 24, 2006

Diagonal Illusion Vest

Quick, look away….this vest really is NOT as chunky as it looks and the colour combination really isn't that hideous! If you were wondering what the "diagonal optical illusion" was in this vest…I just told you! Is it just me or does the mannequin look 50 lbs heavier with this thing on? Maybe that's why the designer couldn't get a live model to show it – she didn't want to look that HUGE!

Funny thing though – it could almost be a likeable vest – if only it were in the right colours and had the right waist shaping. So close but yet so far.

June 16, 2006

Latticework Vest

Wanna look bigger than you are? Here's the perfect vest for you! It comes in all the regular sizes, plus sizes and petite sizes too…and no matter how you slice it, yes, you WILL look bigger than you are! Boxy vests that come way down past your butt are never flattering – they engulf your waist and make it disappear and you end up looking like a big square. Not a look I'm particularly after even if it is a free pattern!

I wonder how heavy it is to wear? Heavy weighted yarn isn't a great idea either…just adds bulk no matter what size you are and the bigger it is, the bulkier it looks!  Ugh!

Please don't shelve all the fashion dos/don'ts just because it's crocheted! 

June 1, 2006

Vests Made Easy

Is it just me or is that just a wee bit too much purple? And then to trim it with fun fur in purple too…including around the arms…well, why? I am quite sure this much fun fur wouldn't be "easy" to add either! How about "Vests Made Ugly"? A better title for this one for sure.

And it looks like the fun fur goes right around the bottom half of the vest too…my oh my, such a lovely addition. It may not be that bad actually without the fun fur. What do you think?

Thanks to Irina for submitting this one!

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