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Inspired by those blogs out there already poking fun at knitting (You Knit What??) and celebrities (Go Fug Yourself), a decision was made to start one about crochet since there doesn’t seem to be any yet! In no way is this website an attempt to duplicate what is already out there but to just add crochet to the existing hilarity about creations. If the websites sound or seem “similar”, well, they are in their premise…it’s all about making fun of something and making fun can sound alike…so save any emails or comments that elude to “ripping off” or “copying”…the content is entirely different but the premise is the same! DUH!

Since this is about crochet and its designs, the What Not To Crochet content comes predominantly from pattern/yarn distributors, pattern creators (as long as it’s for sale) or crochet magazines.  Some times we make forays into the world of fashion because, really, sometimes they should know better!  However, if you have made the design yourself or even created it or find it truly beautiful, please don’t take it personally….what one person considers hideous can easily be considered beautiful by another. This is just one person’s opinion and is meant in fun only…not to offend anyone.

Additionally, we don’t always have the pattern available, so you’re going to have to sharpen your Google skills and hunt them down yourself.

If you have a submission to the blog, or a comment,  please feel free to email:

whatnottocrochet (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Please take our button to link back to us…and as always, right click on the image, save to your computer and then upload to your own image hosting server…thanks!

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…because there’s always one more crochet design that shouldn’t be made!

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