Cute & Creepy

Just when you think amigurumi is cute you run into amigurumi with a twist…a creepy twist from the minds of artistes! They are still kind of cute aren’t they? Does that make me twisted? LOL




17 Comments to “Cute & Creepy”

  1. Mmmmmm. Fresh Ham! 😛

  2. When are you going to realize that the only thing that makes you continually “twisted” is not giving the “artiste” proper credit?! If anyone is actually interested in the maker (as opposed to simply paying her back-handed lip service).

  3. Someone has far to much time on their hands…..

  4. Urgh – on all accounts

  5. You know, they are still kinda cute LOL Even with squirting blood!

  6. Just in time for Halloween decorating!!!

  7. Great selection–I’m still chuckling.

    I bet they sell well!

  8. Aaaah, that’s cute; Oh! Okay?; Hmmm; no, really?
    In that order.

  9. Where can I buy these? They are fantastic!

  10. so she has a vagina but no boobs to speak of?!?!?!?

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