Don’t get burned…

If you crochet a fetus in a jar, you just might get flamed…

“It appears that I have broken the fiber arts world with this pattern. People, I am not the first person to have made something like this and I’m certainly not the last. If you don’t like it, move along. Flaming is unnecessary and really just bores me.” (designer’s words)

So what do you think? Flame-able? Poor taste? Unusual? Funny?

52 Responses to “Don’t get burned…”

  1. I don’t think it’s flame-able. I don’t really see a point to it but I also don’t think it’s offensive.

  2. Different strokes for different folks!

  3. Why would it be offensive? I have no other comment. I am surprised that it might be seen contentious.

  4. I think it’s cute. I should make a rainbow of them.

  5. Its just a CROCHETED fetus..I do not see the big deal. Who knows, maybe someday we will be growing our babies in jars instead of our bodies…haha. A lot of them already start out in a glass tube..right? I think it even could be educational 🙂

  6. what a waste of yarn.

  7. I agree with Robbin. Useless (like most amigurumi) but harmless. It’s just yarn. However, some people seem to visit sites where they know they are likely to get offended, and enjoy having the excuse to harass others.

    I wonder if the designer would have gotten flamed as much if the thing had been green (alien baby!) rather than pink?

  8. I really like it; it’s very darkly funny.

  9. Ya, it’s definitely not worth getting your panties in a twist!

  10. What I find to be in poor taste (reprehensible is a better word) is that while you are constantly taking obvious and unoriginal stabs at people’s hard work, you never actually bother to link to the artist’s site or even credit their name; I mean, even that horrid boar from Regretsy gives credit to the makers!
    Plus the fact that you’re still attempting to “push buttons” with this piece AFTER the artist already addressed the issue at hand is pretty damn pathetic. Did you not read that word “UNNECESSARY” in the artist’s statement?

  11. I am a live and let live sort of female person. If “one” does not like something that is read or seen or tasted or, whatever, just keep on going. So long as NO HARM IS DONE TO SELF ORe OTHERS.”LET IT BE” PLEASE people I see so much “worse” on t.v. and in the news….Reacting is ok that is no reason to be RUDE or uncivilized……Get a garden hose and put out those fires. Become passionate and “inflamed” about something real and serious !!!!!! from Tuscaloosa alabama, A bathtub surviver of 04/27/2011

  12. I think it’s creative, and hilarious.

  13. Ah, you should have been in my advanced biololgy class in college, the instructor (who shall remain nameless, but ALWAYS an a$$hole), brought out the jars with the fetuses. The instructor warned us he would NOT tolerate any remarks or arguments. These jars were being shown strictly as scientific specimens.

    This class was a pre-requisite for the nursing program. One girl actually quit the class, and the waiting list for the nursing program. Of course, she might have just used the fetuses as an excuse, the instructor was trying to jump her bones from the very first class.

  14. I think it’s in poor taste, but not enough that I feel the need to flame the pattern designer.

  15. What is this? Is it supposed to be an embryo? If so, very poor taste not to mention a waste of time & yarn.

  16. I LOVE THIS! This isn’t poor taste, or offensive, or anything else. It’s hilarious! I need this for my office. Bust it out every time someone is whining about nonsense. Be like “Hey, yo! Check out my FETUS!” Shut that crap DOWN. Go back to my email and my silence. 😀

  17. I think it’s kinda funny.
    And that those who are offended by it are too easily offended.

    So who’s flaming this object’s creator, anyway?

  18. Eh. I like it. Would I put it on my desk at work. No. My desk at home, maybe. On the front porch where the postal carrier can see it, definitely.

  19. I could actually see one of these in an obstetrician’s office. I see nothing wrong with it, and not sure why people would need to flame. In fact, I imagine it would be a very cute gift for an OB.

  20. “People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy… and I keep it in a jar on my desk.” —Stephen King

    I’m personally not into the crocheted/knitted stuff that you can’t wear/use, but who could possibly find this offensive? It’s YARN, FFS. No fetuses were harmed in the making of this craft.

  21. I think it could be used in an educational setting. I don’t see what’s funny about it but I don’t think it’s offensive either. No more offensive than the birthing dolls I’ve seen. To each his/her own.

    • I agree. I’m thinking child birth education or high school health class. It could actually help in visualizing the stages of development.

  22. I think that it should be made smaller by using crochet thread and not yarn, and then put it in a large pickle jar amongst the pickles. The pink within the green would be a wonderful effect. 🙂

  23. Definitely NOT flamable. Much preferable to an actual one pickled and sitting on a shelf.

  24. i love your sense of humor…Thank you from Tuscaloosa AL for “keeping it real”……..

  25. Hi there! Designer of the pattern here.

    While I appreciate you maybe trying to start more flames, I would’ve appreciated it more if you had linked to the pattern and my work. Someone tipped me off through twitter that you were talking about it here. 🙂

  26. Why would people flame on this?? Isn’t it a great solution for poor pro-life Bio teachers to use as a teaching tool? Or something. Damn, people have too much time on their hands. BTW, to the person who flamed on here, it’s “bore”, not “boar”. Unless, of course, you are calling the Regretsy lady a pig. (See, I can attack over pointless things too!)

  27. I think it’s a cute little fellar.
    Brandy has the best idea of putting it in with the pickles.

  28. Morbid, bad taste, and a useless waste of good yarn. On the other hand, flaming the designer is a total waste of time and energy. A teaching tool? the library and net are loaded with REAL pictures of the REAL thing. The “designers” already know the type of attention this stuff will get, its the shock value. bad attention is better than no attention, eh?

  29. I think, after the initial weirdness, it’s actually kind of cute. But then, on the drive down to my sister’s college, there’s a huge painting of a purple fetus on the side of a barn, which is much uglier and more offensive… I mean, this little guy (girl?) doesn’t really look like anything. Except kind of like an alien.

  30. Ahah!
    Did searches on Google and Ravelry. Didn’t find any major flamefests, but I did find the pattern, should you feel the need. It’s:

    I also found a crocheted fetus coin purse (oh yeah… they’d love that at the Piggly Wiggly) and a cute little peach-colored fetus that came cuddled up in it’s own little pink placenta bowl (all crocheted).

  31. I think it’s whack, but whatever… the designer had an interesting concept that would have NEVER in a million years entered my mind. I have to at least give it that. But it’s still whack. 🙂

  32. Told you so….I love it..I love mine..I was told I should have crocheted a nice hat..and that I was going to hell..Ok sure the musics better there anyway..and no snow to shovel either

  33. I just don’t see why you would 1) post something then ask people not to flame it- tell people not think of purple elephants and what do they think of? Purple elephants. 2) think it might offend people but posting anyways- it’s like debating whether something is to racy to wear to work then wearing it anyways knowing that people are going to question your choice.
    p.s. if you want something just ask for it, don’t dance around it with backwards phycology- Don’t flame my work but link me to it so I can read it all on wn2c?

    • Huh? WNTC is posting the designer’s words not ours – she asked for people to stop flaming her design. Did the designer link you here?

      • no-no sorry! I meant it all towards the designer’s caption, not this site! From a previous post she says “While I appreciate you maybe trying to start more flames” and “appreciated it more if you had linked to the pattern” It just contradicts the whole don’t flame me thing in her caption. It’s like they’re saying “Don’t flame my work but link me to it so I can read it all on wn2c” sorry for the confusion:)

    • Ah, okay! That makes total sense!

  34. I come here to wonder at the amazing things people a) think of to make, b) manage to make out of yarn, c) and the comments of people who come here to get offended by and think themselves completely righteous in judging other people’s creations!
    Someone once said that if you haven’t offended someone by a creation then it wasn’t really all that creative. LOL What a blast!

  35. Cute but weird.. Don’t see why people would be offended though

  36. Interesting, but a little strange and wondering what prompted the making of it

  37. Poor taste! Then again this “What Not To Crochet”.

  38. Weird, kinda cute and the designer must have a super odd sense of humor – but it would make a great Halloween decoration.

  39. I think its very cute. An unborn child is always a beautiful thing and a wonder of nature. Ok, so it’s in a jar which some people may find a little morbid and odd, but short of crochetting a pregnant lady that you can open up to look at it what can you do??? And to those who have said its a waste of yarn and/or time, what people do with their craft is always down to them. I’m not a huge fan of pastel doilies and twin sets, but I wouldn’t have a pop at someone for enjoying the time they spend making them. From Alice, a lover of all amigurumi, Essex, England.


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