Gourmet Lisette Sweater Shawl

Lacy pineapple crochet? Doesn’t this look like the designer grabbed her Granny’s doily off the table and wrapped it around her shoulders and made it seem like it might be a shawl? And what is a sweater shawl exactly? I don’t see anything “sweater-ish” about this shawl at all – it’s just “doily-ish”. Leave the doilies on the tables folks! That’s where they belong! All those huge ruffles in the front too – what kind of effect does that really have except to add bulk to the wearer? I bet it gets caught in everything too.

Not a shock they couldn’t find a live model to showcase this item – only the mannequin had no idea what was actually being worn. I bet all the live models ran in the other direction when they saw it.

41 Comments to “Gourmet Lisette Sweater Shawl”

  1. Do you ever have anything nice to say about anything?

    and yes, I posted anonymously because I really dont need you and your gaggle of yarn snobs spamming my blog or my email inbox just because I dont agree with your opinion.

    I like the sweater shawl. I personally couldnt wear it, but I love crocheting things with the pineapple motif.

  2. And doing it in black doesn’t help either. Hey, thanks for giving my now-very-shaky-and-weak right hand something to do for physical therapy! I really needed that!

  3. Oh wow, boohoo to anonymous….may as well just say you like it and get over it….as far as “nice things to say”….well, uh, duh, this is a blog about what NOT to crochet not WHAT to crochet…and uh, that’s the theme of this blog…if you don’t like it, turn the channel and go elsewhere.

  4. Waa Waa….WHAT NOT TO CROCHET implies that negative opinions prevail. Love the reply, “What to crochet”. Wow, Barney must be commenting…..I love you, you love me…get real… this project reminds me yet again of fish…a dirty, crusted fishnet….yet my hermit crabs would LOVE it.

  5. I sort of like it, okay, I don’t really care for it, but I have to admire the amount of work that went into the shawl, but it’s too much frou-frou
    But if anybody expects “anything nice” , this is not the blog to look at – I’m sure there are a lot more ahh, “nice” blogs
    Where do you find the photos? I’ll see something and a week or two it shows up in a magazine. Obviously your sources are quite well connected.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    What a shame that the pole you sat on went right to your head. How else can you explain what you are doing on this “what not to crochet” blog making brainless comments?

    As far as I’m concerned you can place your self righteous indignation in your ear because you can’t possibly blow it out your ascending part with that pole jammed so firmly up into it.

    It would also appear that the obstruction and the wedgie you’re suffering from has severely damaged your sense of humour. In short your just no fun girl so please find a kleenex box cover pattern to occupy your hands and mind with and leave us hoot owls be. Thanks for your gracious and early departure.

    Having dispensed with the unwanted baggage I would now like to say that I happen to like the pinaeapple motif too. It’s an easy one and an attractive one to crochet. I would not however choose this pattern because it just hangs there looking like a round tablecloth, and I’m far too vain to wear anything that looks like household goods.

  7. I don’t mind the laciness, but the bottom part of it looks too thick and heavy. If the woman had any hips, it would be a fargin disaster to wear. Plus, why short sleeves on this thing? I don’t get it…

  8. I actually like the way it drapes around the arms, but don’t like all the extra in front and around the legs – if the pattern could streamline more there then it would be nice. Plus I find that crochet needs more yarn than knitting, therefore this over done cardigan would be very heavy. Give that clearly tiny person an easier time wearing it.

  9. Morticia Addams called…she wants her tablecloth back.

  10. This reminds me of something in the first book in the Harry Potter series. Harry hasn’t yet discovered he’s a wizard, and still thinks he’ll be attending the local high school in the fall, rather than magical Hogwarts. Harry’s aunt is dying some of Harry’s fat cousin’s old clothes grey to be his uniform, and Harry silently wonders whether he’ll be attending his first day of high school looking like he’s wearing bits of elephant skin.

    Yeah, this is slightly worse. It’s like… decaying elephant skin.

    Anonymous, it’s a fug blog, of course everything posted is intended to be mocked. You’ve missed the point altogether.

    And spamming? Hardly. You overestimate your importance and people’s interest in your opinion. I’ve disagreed many times with the opinion of this blogger. If you’d have actually looked at some of the comments, you’d see it happens all the time. No one makes a big deal out of it.

    Why then, you may ask, did everyone converge on you with their irritation? Because your immense self-importance makes your comment noteworthy. Between your ego, lack of taste, and cowardice… I’m glad you’re unlikely to be back very often. You contribute nothing of real interest.

  11. er … I actually LIKE this shawl too … doesn’t stop me laughing at it though πŸ™‚
    I think it would look great on a skinny Goth … or on a life sized gothic/etc creature (I have plans to make some of those sort of things … some day … it might happen … one century – I have a LOT of creative ideas and not a lot of spare time to even make some of them …)
    What I wouldn’t like is being bored stupid sitting and crocheting all those darn pineapples!
    (That is where big hooks and fluffy/fuzzy/hairy yarn are so good πŸ˜‰ one can crochet weird monstrosities like this, but they don’t take quite so many hours of sitting in front of the TV watching Star Trek/Stargate/etc while crocheting madly … )

    actually … if I wanted to go to a fancy dress party and dress up as Morticia Adams (not that I have the figure for it) I could just grab an old crochet lace tablecloth and dye it black … wouldn’t look much different than that shawl … πŸ™‚

  12. Actually, it seems like it started out okay, but the designer didn’t know where to stop. If he/she had stopped close to the top, somewhere just under the bustline, it might have been a cute lacey shrug. Too bad…

  13. Taking a second look at it, it IS rather nice. I’m going to make it and give it to my friend, The Bride of the Swamp Thing! Alright, seriously, just a little too much enthusiasm here. You’ve got to know where to stop!!! ;-D

  14. timetheif i love your post its so funny and I so agree,how else can you explain that???!

  15. Well, I guess you can tell by my nick – I bought it πŸ™‚

    I do understand that some of you would hate it, but for Goths it’s fab.
    Oh and it was me that wanted my tablecloth back !!!!

    Seriously, you have to laugh at this site, cos it is very funny and I don’t always
    agree that some of the stuff is horrid, but most of it is.

    Lighten up the ladies who take this too seriously πŸ™‚

    I’ll post a pic here when I’ve finished and then you can laugh some more – ok?

  16. I have actually pondered making this for my daughter. I think it would drape really nicely on a smaller woman. This is definetly not something for the full figured gal thats for sure.

  17. I too like it. Then, I would wear Morticia’s tablecloth if the notion hit me. Oh, it’s fugly alright, I’m not denying that. But it would have looked pretty interesting over my cat suit back in my skinny days. Oh yes, Elvira must have taken up yarn design. Then after Halloween, back on the table it goes. Practical.

  18. I like it, but I have never been considered normal in anyway! I love this blog, and seriously, I’d be very dissapointed if people weren’t slamming the designs. That’s why I come here. for a good laugh πŸ™‚

  19. I love this. Bought the pattern as soon as I saw it on another site, of course, and made it up within 3 days. The style is wonderful, the pattern is easy to understand, and it’s just great. The pineapple edging is not too heavy, it drapes very nicely and the shawl looks great with jeans. The “sweater” part of the name is a reference to the arm openeings in the shawl….keeps it in place with out having to be held , and no worries about it slipping off. I’ve worn it to work and recieved lots of compliments…also on remark about my table missing it’s cloth..hmmmmmm what was that about? I do enjoy this site, even when you don’t agree with me on “what not to crochet”

  20. I like it to…not on ME, but I like it. Perhaps less foofy crap on the front, but I could totally see some twenty-something, slender, clubber wearing it.

  21. I like it, and I thought about buying the pattern, but I’d never wear it… I really thought about making it and selling it on Ebay… people will buy anything, you know!

  22. Actually…when I saw it on another site, I kinda went…hey…this is kind of cool…would look neat over my leather corset. If I were to make it though, I wouldn’t make it so flouncy down the front and on the bottom. I do like the shape of the bottom though, the way it drapes lower in the back than in the front…..hmmm…definately could be a pattern to “improve upon”

  23. Sorry, guys, but even after reading all the comments, I like it! No accounting for taste, huh?

  24. hmm. Sorta lace shawl, sorta sweater. I would like to see a real life version before slamming it. I think a lot of the young crowd would love it. As far as funky items go, I think it is one of the nicer pieces I’ve seen. Appropriate for my 75-year-old mother? Definitely not.

  25. Amazing how such a pattern is a huge seller. I tend to think you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Just like being rude and pathetic. Tell me are you are YANK by any chance.

  26. Wow Jane…simmer down there! Getting a tad testy are we not? And taking it a wee bit too personal too. Is it your design per chance? Ah well, people are allowed to criticize whatever they so choose like they are allowed to rant and rave about it. And what’s up with the YANK comment? Tacky.

  27. I ran into this site because I was looking for a specific pattern I saw years ago in the old Work Basket series. The comment on the above sweater shawl is not educated, just nasty and nasty went out in high school as a way to get some juice going. Let people make their own decisions. Put your force at work for good not spite.

  28. I actually like that one! It’s funky for sure, and since i’m over 30 and not skinny I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s got a certain style to it.

  29. Well I am so sorry for all of you, you dont have the talent this person does at making anything and are just jeolous that he or she does.

    Oh by the way I bought this pattern 2 days ago.

    Shame on all of you that DO NOT HAVE ANY TALENT OF YOUR OWN!!!

  30. Yup, that’s right…we *are* jealous…thanks for clearing that up.

  31. I love this sight because people tend to picture crocheters as little old ladies making toilet roll covers. But when you read these posts you see that crocheters are some leather camisole wearin’ rockin’ mamas who are fighting for the right to wear black pineapple lace sweater-shawls. You guys are a blast! For the nay-sayers who are taking this so personally, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. A bit pathetic, don’t ya’ think? Now we’re throwing talent insults around? That’s just sad.

  32. Dear WMTC: Your blog is my favorite. For a long time,.
    I thought it was me! I couldn’t believe how ugly most of the crochet patterns were or that they were made of
    bulletproof acrylic. I am really a quilter and fabric
    artist but since I moved to Israel I haven’t been able
    to keep my quilting going much so I joined our local
    ChickswithSticks, which is basically a womens’ yarn
    craft group. I went back to crocheting after a long
    absence. As a Big, Beautiful Woman, I can tell you that
    98% of the patterns today will not look good on me. I can’t
    imagine that most of them would look OK on skinny people
    either. NOt that all we should make are Chanel-type jackets
    but I wish the designers would use some common sense.
    Who wants to see a 40+ woman wrapped in fun fur?!
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the naysayers get you
    down. Succah Schiffman Efrat, Israel

  33. There is a quote by Oscar Wilde… “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months”. This quote has many meanings to me. I find your opinions to be so judgemental. Fashion is about individuality and expression. There are so many different forms of “taste” out there and whats good for the goose may not always be good for the gander. As a designer I carefully pick and choose what I want for myself and my children, but I am also a city girl who loves such an array of styles from classic couture to urban chic to funky way out there edgy. You called the shade of green on a crocheted scarf puke green or something to that effect–to someone somewhere that puke green may be the most breath taking color out there. Fashion is a form of art and whether or not you or I “like” something means absolutely nothing.

  34. Just like opinions – whether they come from this site or the people who comment – they also mean nothing so to render them “judgmental” is also pointless if the logic is followed through.

  35. Hello, Everyone! I came across this site by accident while looking for crocheted button patterns for- get this- a crocheted cover for my recumbent bike’s seat back! I am making it as a joke, of course, but it has a filet heart with my initials, and buttons will be on the bottom so I can use the back for storage. I even went so far as to make a pillow cover for one of those speaker pillows to go in back of my head to listen to tunes as I cruise down the highway! Even crocheted a little pocket for my mp3 player. Anyway, my face hurts right now from laughing and laughing at the comments! Oh, thank you for that! I will be sure to check with this site frequently, and add my own comments as appropriate and inspired!

  36. What exactly do they mean when they call stuff “gourmet”? That thimg looks very heavy and awkward to move around in. It would look great draped around a statue in an antique shop.

  37. i think it’s cute. And I’m a 26 year old singer and guitarist for a Nebraska band. Sometimes what middle age women find tacky, would might get them noticed in the real world as not being so fuddy duddy. Peace and have a good one. I’ll find good uses for most of your don’t’s. Promise ; )

  38. I like this one. I think it would look nicer in something sparkly.

  39. I actually kind of like this one. I would make this one.

  40. I actually have one of these and i personally love it. Sure it’s nothing something you wear every day, but it’s very nice on days you just want to feel like a girly girl.
    who cares what you think.. lol
    if everyone wore the same thing all the time i think i would throw up..i actually get lots of compliments on it.

  41. lol, i just ordered this pattern after only seeing this page and discovering this site from googling “unique crochet”….to each their own…i just want to be inspired and create (and wear) something new and different
    there are sooo many boring crochet sites full of granny christmas ornaments, mittens, useless nick nack, etc….ick!
    this doily-like thing is awesome, i look forward to making it. It seems like it fits like a bias cut dress, and it sure would drape well in some slick bamboo yarn

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