Leave it to Lionbrand

Ya, there’s no title for this pattern, however, it’s contained in a pattern book called “Fur, Fur & More Fur” because as we all know, there’s just not enough Fun Fur in the world!

And to insult all crocheters our there – it’s meant for “fashion conscious crocheters”.

Of course we haven’t done any Fun Fur for awhile but this one deserved some attention.

Poor thing – it can’t be comfortable to wear!

20 Comments to “Leave it to Lionbrand”

  1. Woo-hoo. Let’s hear it for even more child abuse. Yippee. Yay.


  2. THIS POOR CHILD HAD TO WEAR THIS? WHERES THE FUN FUR LEGWARMERS? i just dont really see the point to fun fur and i crochet and i use ww yarn and its all i use.

  3. ohh my nose is itching just seeing all that fur lol

  4. That poor child looks like a snow cone!

  5. hope the kid got paid a lot of money for this shoot. fun fur legwarmers and fun fur mittens would complete the look;)

  6. I love the expression on her face. That smile just says, “Hurry up and take the dang picture so I can take this crap off!”

  7. I used to think that fun fur should only be allowed on kids clothes.

    Clearly I was wrong.

  8. Fug, fug, and more fug!

  9. thanks mom, elmo puked all over me and you want to take a picture

  10. I’m so glad I’m not fashion conscious.

  11. At least she can use it as a Halloween costume…she’s an SOS pad!

  12. So that’s how Jean-Binet died… She was suffocated in funfur

  13. Oh, I really like that ;). Is there an adult pattern for that, preferably XL? I’ll have to make a matching set for my daughter and myself….NOT!

  14. Don’t tell me they’ve added a fun fur section to the pageant scene? Eeeew!

  15. dora I like your comment!

  16. Hmm, well i don’t think its really bad. its not great though. I wouldn’t make it on purpose.

  17. not only is it ugly, it would cost about 60 dollars (US) to make!

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