For Your Consideration

The movie was originally called “Home for Purim” but the movie moguls changed it to “Home for Thanksgiving” to have greater appeal…

It’s a snoot!

Anyway – that’s my precursor as someone who has celebrated Thanksgiving three times (twice in the States, once in Little America in the Sandpit) and thinks… well.. it’s kinda neat but ..



Is there any holiday you people WON’T Crochet for???

Anyway… in bringing you today’s What Not To Crochet, I learnt that you should never trust a certain search engine (and actually , no, not Google) with the term “Turkey” when conjoined (HAH!) with Crochet.

This is the best…

Like the bolero!



Again – loving the bolero – why would you do a skirt???

But this isn’t why you’re here, really though.. is it?



It’s ok…


I know.. you need a giggle!


And here’s something for you..


I still can’t understand what was so sexy about last year’s Turkey Hat.


No way, No day.

And on this blog, we have railed repeatedly against Granny Squares.

I do not understand why people keep crocheting hats for their pets.


(you are so going to die…)

So.. WHAT Sugar-crazed over-fed haze would you have to be in,


to Crochet a Granny Square  Hat …


For a Turkey?


  The Turkeys do not need hats


Lay Off the Candied yams, folks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

9 Comments to “For Your Consideration”

  1. perhaps it’s a blindfold that slipped? anyhow Happy Thanksgiving all

  2. Liking the bolero. The skirt? Not so much. I’m thinking major hilarity when those spike heels get caught in the hem, but I’ve got a mean streak. And then there’s Frankenkitty. ‘Nuff said. The turkey in the hat is hilarious. Maybe it was the star of the local elementary school’s Thanksgiving pagent? Yes, I’m grasping for reasons why someone would crochet a hat for a turkey… I think laying off the cocktails might help more than laying off the yams!

  3. poor little turkey, his waddle was cold…..and aunt mimi had a bit too much egg nog………

    see, what it is …is a turkey that comes complete with his own built in pot holder for when you take him out the oven. no?

  4. Lay off the yams? More like lay off the BOURBON! Honest to God, some people need to have their crochet hooks taken away. I’m with you on the outfit though. While the bolero is cute, the skirt is just too much of a good thing. As for the turkey hat/kerchief, I only have one question:


  5. Perhaps the candied yams were fermented…

  6. Turkeys? Hats? that’s even more hysterical than Happy Sexy Turkey Day from last year!!! I may pee my pants about the turkey’s hat…

  7. I think the gauge is a bit large for such a petite bird, and the color is a bit pale for her complexion, don’t you think? Something red in a lace weight would work better.

    I fear, however, that the other birds will (purely out of helpfulness) peck her head to bits trying to remove the foreign object. Something to think about.

  8. It’s a Franken-Kitty! Tee hee that’s too funny

  9. Wondering where to get the bolero pattern …

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