The Mancho – Revisited

The Mancho

Avert your eyes everyone!

The mancho seems to be out there far and wide! This model’s strategy seems to be to smile BIG and WIDE and put his hand on his hip to try to distract us from the fact that he’s wearing a carpet…and make us believe he’s hot and sexy

Nice try anyways…no matter how cute you are, we can still see what you’re wearing!

15 Comments to “The Mancho – Revisited”

  1. wow.
    is this an advert for a knitting pattern or a mental illness helpline?

  2. Hey, it’s ONLY handy for when he forgets to zip his fly!

  3. Well what doesn’t help if he forgets to flip up his mancho before urinating…

  4. hot hot but so ugly

  5. It’s a man from La Poncho! *shakes maracas and sings La Cucaracha*

  6. Granted, I like this design much better than (*urp!*) the other one, but ain’t no way anybody ever’s gonna get me to wear a poncho.

  7. Ha ha ha you’re funny, I think it’s kinda cute, but us foreigners are weird like that!

  8. Let us look on this picture a warning, sisters, and resolve NEVER to do this to any man we love.

    Now if he’s being annoying…..

  9. I suspect that he is sans underwear and allergic to wool

  10. addendum…pardon me…I should have said “sin ropa interior”……

  11. I’d make this … for myself. But I’m female and I love ponchos (very comfortable and less restricting than coats).

    I would not, however, make one for any male of my aquaintance. That would just be … weird.

  12. haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahah who is the model? poor baby , for money he wear it for a pic..hahahahhahahahhahahha poorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aghhhhhhhhh

  13. I like it (for myself). Where do I find the pattern?

  14. The only guy I’ve ever seen wearing a crocheted poncho (besides homeless people, and theirs were made of newspaper) was Owen Wilson as Hansel in the Zoolander movie. He was acting also.

  15. Y’all obviously haven’t been to Austin, Texas.

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