Granny Square Vests

Granny Square Vest

Do I have to say it?? Granny squares belong on afghans…not on clothing…not even vests!! Seriously though, please keep granny squares on items used to fling over the couch or on the end of a bed…please don’t put them on your body! Look at the model…I can just hear what she’s thinking…

How do I make this look cute…oh, I know, if I tilt my head a little to the side and smile, nobody, I mean hardly anyone, oh sh*t, everyone will notice the awful vest I’m trying to show…


19 Comments to “Granny Square Vests”

  1. this wouldnt be so bad if it werent for the buttons, the pink and the green. I saw a really cute granny square top the other day in shades of earthy greens. It had spagetti straps though, and the squares were smaller… and made her look less like an elk. It was in cotton so worn on its own. Come to think of it, very unsimilar to this eyesore.
    This really is hideous.

  2. I’ve seen really cute granny square jackets made in browns and not with “traditional” grannie patterns. This however, looks like she had to get rid of all the discount yarn in her stash.

  3. any grannysquare clothing is a travesty against humanity.

  4. In addition to everything else, this makes the model look really flat-chested.

  5. This wasn’t a good idean when we were conned into wearing it when we were pre-teens in the early seventies, and it isn’t any better now!

  6. HAHA christ that’s atrocious

    might look smashing on a scotch terrier though

  7. Wow!
    What hilarious crochet fashions!
    The frosting dress is straight out of the strawberry short cake

  8. Next stop – Get yer tin snips girls! We’re a’gonna make beer can
    hats just like my Aunt and the other Ladies of the Moose Auxiliary did
    back in the Sensational Sixties and Seventies.

  9. Well she had to use up those extas squares…

  10. I like it. Really. I plan to make one with black as the main colour and use bright neons for the other colours.

  11. I made this… In solid grey, though, and with some modifications to make it fit someone who’s not shaped like an ironing board. It actually looks pretty good in a solid color.

  12. You guys don’t get it. This year I bought a similar fabulous grannysquare vest from Lucky Jeans in darker colors. It is knee length. I never wear it without getting at least 5 or more compliments. It looks very retro over jeans. Forget using the colors in the picture..think 70’s and make it longer. You are missing it!

  13. Well, this particular vest in those colors is pretty nasty. I’ve seen some GREAT granny vests and sweaters though. I agree with fredrika, think 70’s colors, totally retro.

  14. Well, at an exclusive boutique I just saw one that is smashing. is just 2 colors. Mostly black, with some deep raspberry red. Worn with a black turtleneck, and black jeans it was terrific. Cost a bundle.
    So, don’t belittle the granny square vest.

  15. ACK!!! I somehow got associated with this atrocity! LOL.

  16. This particular one, agreed,is dreadful. However I really want to make a cool one to wear in a retro/ironic sense. anyone have a good pattern? thanks!!

  17. Well, anyone that dislikes granny squares are jealous that they don’t have the time or talent to make them. I have made many items, not just clothes with them. There is a time and place for granny squares!

  18. I actually made this in red, black and cream. It looked absolutely terrible on me so I took it apart made more squares and it is now a beautiful

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