Today’s entry is more about how not to spell rather than what not to crochet. In case you can’t see it, I enlarged the baby booties to show you they are actually knit not crotched, errrr, crocheted. *facepalm*

16 Comments to “Crotched?”

  1. They should be labelled crotchless. (uhm, crochetless?) 😉

  2. maybe the ad writer was smokin’ some of that “ganja’!! never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t know the difference between crochet and knitting and this is another prime example of that ignorance

  3. the other day some bloke called my crocheting “sewing” – LOL
    but … at least he had noticed I was doing it!
    (and he actually remembered seeing me doing it last time he saw me, which is why he commented about me “still doing my sewing” – the fact that he noticed is quite impressive – so I can forgive him for not knowing what it is called – lol)

  4. EWWW i don’t think my baby would wear a “crotch”ed anything, at least not before laundering

  5. Yes, they are knitted. You leaving out a letter is ok. It happens to all of us at 1 time or another, even with spell ck. Thanks though for posting this. Too many don’t know the difference or even that there is one between the 2 crafts. As I do both, I can tell in a heartbeat.

    • Leaving out a letter? LOL! Crotch is a lot different from crochet by a few letters and I suspect it was spelled incorrectly to begin with and the spell checker suggested “crotch” and the writer went with it despite the glaring meaning of “crotch”.

  6. After 8 years (and counting) of being corrected, my partner still asks me about my ‘knitting’.
    I guess the differences are too subtle for those who do neither.

    • After 15 years my hubby still calls it knitting too.

    • I can beat you both, 20 years and counting, “what are you knitting now, honey?” I don’t really knit (garter stitch scarves out of novelty yarns don’t count), never have… God love ’em, otherwise we’d kick ’em.

  7. “Crotched Monkey Bootie”? Doesn’t it look more like a Bear?

  8. I hate it when my crotched monkey booties go bear!

  9. Those are monkeys? They look like teddy bears or puppies! Very cute, though. I’d like mine un-crotched, however. X>}

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