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March 29, 2011


Today’s entry is more about how not to spell rather than what not to crochet. In case you can’t see it, I enlarged the baby booties to show you they are actually knit not crotched, errrr, crocheted. *facepalm*

July 16, 2006

Leave it to Lionbrand

Ya, there’s no title for this pattern, however, it’s contained in a pattern book called “Fur, Fur & More Fur” because as we all know, there’s just not enough Fun Fur in the world!

And to insult all crocheters our there – it’s meant for “fashion conscious crocheters”.

Of course we haven’t done any Fun Fur for awhile but this one deserved some attention.

Poor thing – it can’t be comfortable to wear!

January 23, 2006

Crappy Celtic Crochet

Wow, look at how those colours clash! Is that what defines Celtic? Horrible colour combinations and hideous ensembles that clash enough to burn your retinas?!

I don’t remember Celtic being reminiscent of any of these colours either. How would you feel if you were Irish and saw this pattern book that claims to be showing your heritage colours? Is a bright pink and orange ensemble Irish? Funny, I think of green usually….go figure!

And not to mention the little girl’s pink flowers with furry green accents…and a matching fug purse…ugh!

January 6, 2006

Ugly Crap for Kids

It’s extremely difficult if not near impossible to make a child look awful in anything they wear…I mean, after all, they are just so cute and so cuddly it really doesn’t matter what they wear but I have to say, this crochet design managed to make a child look bad.

It looks like someone threw up pink yarn on the child and then as an afterthought figured they’d crochet some flowers and oh yes, then attach some weird-coloured green yarn to make it look like the flowers have stems. Truth is…it looks like the child is being digested by some weird human-eating flowers. Yikes!

Have at ‘er readers!

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