Icognito MaskBOO!!

Just in time for Halloween! This is scary on so many levels but since it’s Halloween, I guess it’s appropriate. Otherwise, well, YIKES…you get the picture…what would possess you to make this?? LOL

This is our first submission by a reader…keep them coming…we need all the help we can get!

Link Submitted by: Leisel of Knot Again – many thanks!

10 Comments to “Masks”

  1. That is so scary I nearly fell out of my chair.

  2. That is just TOO hysterical! I love it. Can’t you just see some weird garage band up on stage with these on? (OK, it’s hot under the lights, so it wouldn’t last long.) Or how about a bunch of guys robbing a bank wearing these? I love it in a sick, twisted kinda way.

  3. Is this a great incentive for lifelong good behaviour, or what? I imagine the 900th layer of hell to be inhabited by a bunch of shrieking, dancing bozos sporting THESE. . .

  4. Absolutely love it! My one and only would love to put this on to make me laugh and laugh!

  5. This is right up my dad’s ally!

  6. oh shit thats funny!

  7. I want the pattern ‘cuz I am new at this and there are a number of men in my life who would get a kick out of it. Thinking gag christmas for my father in law.

  8. I saw this ages ago and I LOVED it! In fact, my first thought was: “This will pay my Dad back for all those times I couldn’t go out with my friends because I had to clean horse stalls on the weekends as a kid.” Yeah, payback is a b*tch! I love it, the sense of humor of the creator delighted me as well. This is hilarious!

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