The designer describes this thing as “luxury ladies designer gillet/top/vest”…  And in case you are still not tempted, here’s the description of the item for sale and the kicker? It’s copyright protected! Well, if someone wants to steal this they need to be locked up and the key thrown away! Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers for sending this one in!

From my new collection inspired by “”Fotoula” Amazing statement gillet in lilac color and many other colors! It is embroidered with knitted roses and leaves. It is handmade crochet with seven colors and different yarns The size of this model is M/L. If you want it sent me your size and i will make in any color you want! This item is copyright protected! ENJOY

27 Comments to “OOAK Crap”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I just wonder if there are any buyers for it. Then I wonder … WHY? Just to use up the crappy yarns she has on hand? I hope to never see anyone actually wearing the ‘creation’.

  2. So tragic … how many Muppets had to die to make that top?

  3. It actually didn’t look too bad from the front, minus the tinsel(?).
    But then I saw the back.
    Too bad.
    It would’ve made a nice little tunic, even with the fun fur trim.
    Thank goodness it’s copywrited!
    Wouldn’t want to make that by accident. 😀

  4. Apparently this person doesn’t know that clothing can not be copyrighted in the USA. Not that she needs to wonder.

  5. Uh, DO NOT WANT
    Who in their right mind would voluntarily wear a top that looks like a very sick cat made itself feel right at home on it.

  6. LOL! It really is amazing what people think of their own ‘creations’…..Hazard Pay?? Well, I am a crocheter, but, I make weird stuff like that,as I don’t want everyone to think I have finally gone around the ben. LOL! I agree with you…ECH!

  7. OOPS! it should read ” I don’t make weird stuff like that, etc. Laughing to hard at that ‘thing’ that I couldn’t type. LOL.

  8. Classic!
    This copyright thing slays me.

    Are those silver bracelet charms that I see dangling about?

  9. Okay, it’s a bit off-topic,
    but when I did a search for what OOAK meant,
    I found: http://www.ooakbarbies.com/


  10. I think one sound describes it….Yeeeeeeeechch

  11. I was wondering what this’amazing statement’ piece would look like on.
    (I’m in a kind mood.) Someone with a stunning figure maybe.

    Nope. Not happening.

    Oh and never mind Barbie – look what they did to Ken!

  12. Oh my, is that CURLING RIBBON?!?!?!

  13. Wait … you mean it is NOT part of some sort of twisted Halloween costume…or maybe prank?
    Ye gods…whatever she’s smokin’ or drinkin’, make sure I don’t get ANY of it!

  14. Hideous. Even in a closed casket service, it would be hideous.

  15. That would be hideous even in a closed casket service.

  16. here’s another kicker…..she’s selling this “thing” on Etsy for $280 USD. TWO HUNDRED and eighty bucks.

  17. I bet my 4 year old wanna-be princess would love one. Haha!

  18. Me: It’s copyright protected.
    Husband: Good, we wouldn’t want anybody duplicating that shit.

  19. There are no words to describe this”thing” . I mostly wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this site! I had just finished blasting lionbrand for their horrible crochet patterns and was googling around when I came acCross it. It has been great fun. I love that I an not the only one who thinks crochet gets a bad wrap.
    I have tried just about every true craft (I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to call stamping and such “true”crafts) and became, at least, proficient at them, but crochet will always be my first love.
    A soon as I say the first page here I was hooked. I just kept going back further and further (sorry, my texan is showing) laughing til I cried.
    I am a self proclaimed yarn snob and can’t bring myself to use yummy yarns on crappy patterns. Good yarns are hard to find here in Abilene Texas but my once tomboy, now turned knitting guru, baby sister brings me lusious yarns from her shop when she comes to visit. She even spins and dyes her own yarn! I’ve subscribed and can’t wait got your next post!

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