A ragging rag doll… When I found this, one side of my brain laughed and the other side thought WTH, gross. Is it Halloween yet? This has to be a joke.

15 Comments to “Ragging…”

  1. Wow!

    I’ve had days where I felt like doing something like that,
    but the mood always passed before I did.

  2. At first glance, I thougth that “Gaaack!!” WAS the comment. I’ll put it as my comment: GAAACK!!

    There are great advantages to being well past menopause; all the money I don’t need to spend on “feminine hygiene products”, I now spend on additional yarn or patterns!

  3. I agree WTF how to explain that to a 5 yr old???

  4. why even make something like this? why?

  5. Looks like something from a Stephen King movie…..kinda gives me the creeps…….

  6. Gee, that’s an awfully long tampon string.

  7. Gross, just gross. I’m almost 50 and after that I’m looking forward to going thru menopause.

  8. I’ve had those days.

  9. maybe it only took her 4 days to make it… thats about how long the mood may have lasted.

    • On mulling it over, it took an artist to make that.

      The item is certainly provoking reaction in all of us and I don’t see how she could possibly have finished it while still in that mood. I could barely tie my shoes on those days.

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