Kind of fun & kind of creepy…


The first one has to be horrendously hot to wear not to mention heavy as well!

22 Comments to “Kind of fun & kind of creepy…”

  1. While I wouldn’t wear the first two out – I live in Florida and it doesn’t get cold enough here – I do think they are kind of cool looking. The last would be a great costume piece if you were going as Hellboy.

  2. Okay, the 2nd one is Harley Quinn from Batman. The 3rd one is Hellboy. The first one is ? from Futurama or Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean or …

  3. Thank you, I couldn’t place the third one either-Now it makes sense! The first one reminds me of Pirates of the Carribean-does anyone else see that as well?

  4. Actually the first one reminds me of the Ood from Dr Who b

  5. The first one could be Cthulhu, I guess. Or maybe Doctor Zoidberg from Futurama.

  6. The third photo reminds me of Hellboy, you know with the sawed-off horns.

  7. #1- I saw this yesterday while browsing pattern sites and thought of you!
    #2- She looks like she was photoshopped into the picture, she’s so oblivious to the creepy-confused rabbit ears
    #3- Head boobs. So men look closer to your eyes when you talk to them?

    ps they look like they could all rob a bank together:)

  8. I like these hats! Interesting and creative 🙂

  9. They do indeed look like some kind of nefarious criminal gang. They just need to crochet themselves walkie-talkies and they’re set.

  10. My son lives in Pennsylvania and it gets *cold* in the winter. He loves Cthulu so I actually think number 1 would be an awesome gift:D And here I thought this blog was the one place I would be safe from

  11. I’m with the folks who think the first one’s either Cthulu or Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean–it matters not since PotC makers were probably inspired by Cthulu. And yes, up here in Canada, that hat makes perfect sense, though not in August or September!

  12. I not only made the first one for myself, but I made one for a friend’s daughter and she loves it! It’s a very easy pattern, and not terribly heavy. As for the warmth, I live in Vermont, so “too hot” is not a concern of mine when making a hat.

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