For those hot days of summer…

Thank goodness for the mannequins, right? It’s not hard to figure out why the live model on the beach is crossing her legs the way she is…bet she’s wishing she’d never have to stand up!

13 Responses to “For those hot days of summer…”

  1. I do like her hat but the suits should only be for dolls.

  2. On top of that, just look at the uncomfortable looking beach she’s sitting on! I’ve collected a few patterns for things like those, but it will be a cold day in Hades before I’ll ever make them for anything bigger than a doll, if that.

  3. But her hat is so cute so it’s okay!

  4. Brlliant…just what I need for a yarn bombing project I have going on :-))

  5. Dear Men,
    Do you actually like crochet yarn unmentionables? Because Victoria’s Secret may go out of style with these homespun hot-in-a-frumpy-yarn-barf sorta way ummm…garments.

  6. These are definately just for show!

    “Look” but “don’t swim in” type of stuff.

  7. reminds me again of why i have started to do crochet for for charity when i decided i needed no more potholders, hats, scarves or cardigans. using scrap yarn to make hats for the homeless or baby blankies for the needy makes more sense and gives you a better feeling. ( not just in your heart but also on the beach)

  8. They make mannequins that look like number three!!(I had to double take)
    It’s a mans world, can you imagine the male version. shocking;-)

  9. Yeah, I’ve always thought crocheted bikinis are just wrong. They certainly don’t work for the purpose intended, which I assume is to be able to swim in them. Unless you are Jennifer Lopez and use lots of adhesive to keep them in place.


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