Cocoon Wedding

I think this dress is knit but some places say it’s crocheted but since the Royal Wedding is all over the airwaves right now, it seems fitting as it’s a “stitched” dress.  Could you imagine the gasps of horror if this was the dress Kate was wearing?

I think the facial expression of the little bridesmaid pretty much sums up this dress although she should probably make that face and cover her eyes. Nothing like a little one adding levity to an otherwise formal affair.

21 Comments to “Cocoon Wedding”

  1. She looks like the tip of a cotton swab!

  2. She looks like a cotton something. I don’t think my ear is where I’d stick what she looks like!

  3. There is always and unhappy child at the royal wedding. I think there was one for Charles and Diana too… BTW the dress should be used to clean floors. It is perfect for scrubbing up those spills

  4. Nah, let’s be totally honest and horribly un-PC.

    She looks like a tampon!

  5. This is one of the main pieces I remember seeing at the Yves St Laurent retrospective that was here a couple of years ago. Wacky!

  6. She resembles a chess piece to me,
    sorta like a character out of in Alice in Wonderland

  7. remind me of something i generally only see for 3 or 4 days once a month…..

  8. Maybe I’m weird, but I think it looks like a be-bowed phallus.

    Why would anyone bother making such a ‘dress’ in the first place? Too much white yarn on hand? Needed to make a stitch sampler in the round? Please, tell me no bride actually used it as her wedding dress.

  9. Reminds me of places like disneyworld where people dress in silly costumes to entertain the kiddies.

  10. She’s not the bride; she’s the cake! 😀

  11. I’ll be totally un-PC too (after all, PC is just lying with style anyway), she looks like a giant dildo.

  12. Wrong, just sick and wrong.

  13. my first assosiation was that she is advertising tampons. you know how sometimes firms dress up somone as the product to do promotion? she is aparently doing it for OB.

  14. With all those little nubblies she definitely looks more dildo than tampon to me.

  15. My first thought was a Russian doll. An albino Russian doll.

  16. She looks like a COTTON Condom!

  17. Outdoor Arctic Wedding perhaps?

  18. Here’s what you’d get if a dildo knocked up a fisherman’s sweater.

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