For the bedroom…

Hopefully your partner won’t run when you show up in this outfit!

34 Responses to “For the bedroom…”

  1. I’m disappointed that the whip wasn’t crocheted. ;P

  2. What the blazes is that stuff all over her …thong? & stockings. Is it camoflage & if so I must say, I can’t see anything that is camoflaged……..FUGLY!

  3. Freeform Crochet…

  4. I… I have no words to describe the wrongness of the thing I just beheld… the closest I can come to describing my emotions is probably “EYEBLEACH! EYEBLEACH! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PASS ME THE EYEBLEACH!”

  5. I’m just so thankful they used a mannequin and not a real person.

  6. When did it become sexy to be covered with barnacles and sea anemones?

  7. asides from being uggly, and not in any way like the leather i would assoiate with wips, this design will creep into the butcrack faster than anything i have ever seen. maybe it was designed to humiliate the wearer) sord of like a dunse cap?)

  8. That is scary and not in the way intended!

    Although, in another context, I rather like the boots…

  9. It’s a… Where’s the… The whip… Who…
    Ok I need to move on with my life now.

  10. Freeform crochet can be so beautiful, but not used this way! The person who made this actually has alot of talent. I was also disappointed the whip wasn’t crocheted!

  11. My teen daughter and I also thought maybe the boots were kinda cool……

  12. my parner wouldn’t run—-he’d be tooooooooooo worn out from laughing his backside off!—I too am glaf a mannequin was used. I can only imagine how uncomfortable thatwould be! the butt floss

  13. Was the whip necessary? What does it add to the outfit? Tone? Purpose?

  14. I’m speechless!

  15. apparently I was so overcome by this photo that I forgot how to type!! made so many errors in my earlier comment that I am ashamed to admit I actually wrote it! ! would try blaming it on the cat walking on the keyboard BUT I don’t have a cat and my greyhound’s paws are too big !! Very glad none of my college students are likely to see that posting!

  16. Is this the “S” or the “M”?

  17. Even the mannequin is embarrassed to be associated with this! LOL

  18. I love these boots!

  19. I’m also gonna say thank goodness they used a mannequin! Did they make this for their own personal use? Are they trying to… sell these things?!

  20. Just what every woman needs in her wardrobe–a crocheted thong ensemble covered in rainforest tree fungi.

  21. Thank you! I haven’t laughed this hard in years!!

  22. Thank you! I haven’t laughed this hard in years!

  23. Best comment thread EVER. I have only one thing to add which is how unflattering this damn thing is! Has anyone else noticed in amongst the fugly that this manages to make the mannequins boobs and bum look saggy and her tummy look big! How is that possible?

    Imagine what it would do to the figure of an actual human adult!



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