500 minimum!

If you like it, you can have this mass-produced at a 500 item minimum and if it really catches on, the manufacturer can “hand crochet” 50,000 units a month!  Go forth and sell this bad boy…I dare you!

Who exactly would be hand crocheting this at 50,000 units a month? Yikes, there must be crochet slave labor camps somewhere in the world if this is true.

21 Comments to “500 minimum!”

  1. YIKES….where are there 50,000 people that would wear that?!!

  2. Seems like a great piece you’ll only wear once a year in the annual Gay Pride Parade

  3. Who would WANT to see 50,000 of these things around?

  4. All you need is a few hundred drunken monkeys….

  5. It looks like it’s supposed to be a coat, but I’m not convinced.

  6. Why is the sleeve made differently than the rest of it?
    It wouldn’t be half bad if the sleeves were made better.

  7. I think we should get 50,000 people together to wear that at a huge flash mob event. 🙂

  8. …take a pattern for a bath mat and add sleeves…

  9. Why is she wearing an ugly throw rug on her back & who in their right mind would want one let alone 50,000 of them?

  10. Why is she standing there trying to look all sexy in THAT?

  11. For someone to waste time to crochet something like this, they would be having long term life crises.

  12. There are slave labor crochet places.

  13. Did anyone else immediately think of Jamie Lee Curtis from trading places after seeing this pic?

    • I didn’t want to say that for fear that I would be thought strange (stranger that is than the bath mat with sleeves).

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