Hat Statue

It’s been fun sifting through some crochet art the last few days and in the vain of interesting, we bring you another installation which wins on creativity but loses on functionality. Some would say that’s the point of art but for the sake of this blog, if you show the hat statue on legs, it kind of implies there should be some sort of functionality there.

11 Comments to “Hat Statue”

  1. To me, as a designer, it kind of makes me feel like they are laughing at crochet.

    Now I’m at a lose of words…. :S


  2. ok, I see an afghan, several bags, a few pot holders & yes , hats. I like the purple one with the white flower & the red one with the pink flower. The rest are a waste of time & yarn as far as I can see.

  3. Reminds me of a vendor’s unappealing merchandise display at a craft fair featuring crocheted totebags and hats except the display is stuck on top of a mannequin instead of a coatrack!

  4. I wouldn’t consider this art. This is an example of “happy hands at home”. Crafty, but not artful. There is no design here, just a sampler of stitching ideas thrown together.

  5. Interesting

    It reminds me of the crocheted coral reef at:
    which is way, way cooler 😀

  6. That’s just ugly. As my 7th grade art teacher would stamp onto papers (yes, she had a rubber stamp made) “This is Not Art.”
    (the art teacher never stamped it on our art projects, just everything else!)

  7. This is actually a performance piece called a “sound suit” which is amazingly appropriate in that it is one of the loudest collection of crocheted things I’ve ever seen.

    • hmmm – call something a funny name and call it “art” … it isn’t particulary “loud” imho … it is just plain cacky (or tacky – either one fits here)
      btw, I googled “sound suit” – seem like a LOT of other people had the same idea … but it looks like most of them did better at it than this “artist” did – LOL

  8. Can’t decide which crocheted hat to wear? Just wear them all!

    Or maybe those are shopping bags waiting to be filled. “See, honey? I told you all those crocheted bags that my aunt made for me would come in handy!”

  9. These must be Nick Cave pieces. Kooky and groovy.

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