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February 6, 2011

Step away from the crochet hook…

If you’re wondering when you should step away from the crochet hook, remember this old saying “too much of a good thing” and when you feel yourself slipping over into the abyss of overkill, it is definitely time to put down the crochet hook.

And to think these purse designs were created by a “team” and not one of them thought “oh hey, that’s just pushing the gaudy envelope, maybe we should stop”.

However, like good little designing minions for a yarn brand label, they are just making sure we all buy that extra skein of yarn to embellish our asses off.

ETA: For those of you with an astute eye (thank you Brandy!) the second purse is indeed knitted and that was entirely my oversight…my bad! I’ll leave it up there as it’s equally horrendous.

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