The Puzzle Hat

Do you get the feeling this guy likes recording and watching himself on video? Put down the coffee before watching…snort bubbles may ensue.

21 Comments to “The Puzzle Hat”

  1. Well, he definitely proves its versatility…

    Also, he looks /sounds like an actor I know. Google JR Bourne.

  2. The real puzzle is why anyone would make and wear the hat…

  3. Oh my! He’s just a little strange, isn’t he?

    Well, maybe we all are…hey where was I going with this?

  4. This may be the most calm and reserved I’ve ever seen him!

  5. I was trying to watch the guy with the puzzle hat, but I was totally distracted by the crocheted muppet carcasses to the right of him…

  6. I would wear that hat….to a costume party, or if I ever grow dreads and start smokin’ some ganja.

  7. Even though that hat and all its variations are not my style, I think the guy is pretty inventive…. I’m sure there is a market out there for it……somewhere….. πŸ˜‰ I mean, the dread-wearing crowd probably would love it.

  8. Well, points for versatility…

  9. he sure is pleased with himself…

  10. So I google “crochet” and “blogs,” while sipping my cup of tea.

    And I stumble upon yours, with the warning about snorting bubbles.

    “Yeah, right,” I say to myself as I click on the video.

    And he introduces himself, and yep, you guessed it: snorting bubbles!


  11. Forget the hat, I could listen to him talk all day long. He’s got a very nice voice LOL!

  12. Looks like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Must be on bender.

  13. Well, I put down the coffee, but watched the video while on hold with customer service. Great timing these guys have. I’m having a laughing-coughing-choking fit when they pick up and try to ascertain why I’m calling. So choking and coughing get stopped, but am now laughing so hard about the situation combined with crazy hat guy and try to explain to customer service what is so funny in the first place. I think I got as far as “crocheted muppet carcasses”….

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I just got added to some list.

  14. “You can wear it like a fashion show item.” Well, that sells it, doesn’t it?

  15. I give him points for his sense of humor!

  16. I didn’t actually snort until I started reading these comments…and when the video stopped and I saw the next video in line. I think someone needs to put him on “What Not To Wear”…with the advice…none of your own hats…EVER!!!!

  17. His variations are akin to “look what I can do with a dress shirt…” I can roll the sleeves up, I can leave them down. Button all the buttons, none of the buttons. Or, like a fashion show, tie it around my waist.

  18. That hat is one thing (LOLOL!)

    …but it looks like that bag/hat statue thing from an earlier entry is beside him!

  19. I love that hat!!!!! It looks like one of the only hats that I could fit all my hair in comfortably… Does anyone know if the pattern is available?

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