Mad Caps?

Now granted this was 1967 but the expression on the model’s face is priceless so a little crochet pattern nostalgia was in order. She’s sure to scare the little kids off the bunny hill if she wore that crazy cap while skiing.

Thanks to Brianna, one of our readers, for sending this one in…we appreciated the look back in time however frightening it was!

15 Comments to “Mad Caps?”

  1. One word: CONEHEAD!

  2. I showed my kids this and offered to crochet it for them for Xmas. They declined with horrified expressions 🙂

  3. Is it just me, or does that look like a lucha libre (Mexican pro wrestling) mask?

  4. I know this isn’t the relevant bit… but what the HELL is going on with her HAIR?

  5. looks like a beehive

  6. lol the eye holes are so big you will still freeze your face off skiing down the hill.

  7. It looks like a clunky attempt at Paco Rabanne’s spacewear (think 2001 A Space Odyssey).

  8.  Ha ha. Conehead!

  9. I can imagine what the migrants (in the article mentioned) would have to say about our headwear…. lol

  10. She looks like a sleestak from land of the lost…!

  11. To be fair, there is a clear warning on the cover ‘make a mad cap’.

    I was thinking cone head too.

  12. asides from cheap acylics not helping anyone stay warm, i think this is even quite unsuitable for robbing a bank. anyone would remember such bad design.

  13. “AAAGGH!! I’m being devoured by a squid!”

  14. It’s a Dumb Donald hat!

  15. I’m very curious as to what the migrants mentioned would think about this? BTW I love the 5 string tassel trying to escape from the hat *monstrosity*.

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