Molly Weasley “Sleeves”

On the heels of yet another Harry Potter movie, I give you the movie version of the “sleeves” which look just fine and works for the character, yes?

Compare that to the “real world” version…

Looks a little like clown barf, no?  However, in the designer’s defense, it is a good rendition of what Molly Weasley wore but still…where would you wear this? The circus?

For those who may like this design, whip out your Google skills and get to hookin’!

23 Comments to “Molly Weasley “Sleeves””

  1. The difference, imho, is the colors of the original are more muted than of the copy. Particularly (especially!) the orange.

    • I was thinking that too

      • Yep…the colors are all wrong….honestly…I could actually make those multicolored sleeves work (on a shrug or cropped cardi)…the movie version, though, not the other one – that is hideous! The point would be to wear it with an outfit that is neutral or matches just one of the more subtle colors in the sleeves. I mean, this could rock over a sleevless denim shirt and matching jeans or over a teal (see the teal in the movie version that is not in the OTHER one) cami and matching leggings. It’s like most any other piece of clothing…worn the right way it could work. However, this site has taught me that is simply not true in the world of crocheted fashion…YIKES!

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think too many people will be cosplaying Molly Weasely at any fantasy conventions, so I really don’t see a use for sleeves like this.

    • Ohhh, I don’t know…my daughter and I are both gingers…so I would actually consider playing Molly Weasley to my daughter’s Jenny and my nephew’s Harry.

  3. The original also doesn’t flare out sooo much.
    Besides, the original was used in a fantasy based movie with witches and warlocks not your local suburbia.

  4. There are loads of outfits that look good on the big screen but should never be considered in real life. Super-hero tights are one example. This is another.

    However, in Molly Weasley’s defense, she doesn’t wear it out in public. Not even in Diagon Alley, where “interesting” ensembles are the norm. She wears it in her own home. It is, after all, a dressing gown.

    Stupid muggles…

  5. I think the difference is that Molly Weasley is a kick-ass witch who can wear anything she wants and us mere muggles can’t possibly pull off that look, no matter how awesome.

  6. I actually think the sleeves would be AWESOME in a single solid color & attached to a denim vest. 🙂

    • I agree. I have the pattern and had decided if i ever made them, I would make them in one color.

      • Actually, I’ve already decided to make one in black and one in white to go with all the great camisole/babydoll tunics coming out this spring. It’s not a terrible design…but the one in the movie actually was quite beautiful..I know…I noticed. I’m redesigning it in Lustersheen…so it will be a lacy shrug and not look like a clown threw up Skittles tropicals on my arms!!!

  7. ACTUALLY if you look at her housecoat carefully you will see that these are NOT just sleeves they are attached to a SWEATER/JUMPER you can see a bit of it under the V-neck and the button at the top that closes it. Still they are a bit over the top sixtyish. 😉

  8. The muggle model has very masculine hands. Possible closet cross-dresser?

  9. The person who did the “real world” version needs a pair of glasses. Molly is wearing an apron over a sweater. The sleeves are not attached to the apron! This type of apron is a very common “old lady” type used to protect clothing when doing household chores.

  10. If you look at the real world version the sleeves are attached to a short sleeved pink sweater and the apron is over that.

  11. There is a real book out there that is totally devoted to the knitted and crocheted creations presented in the HP movies it is called ?Charmed Knits, etc.. (I do not know the author, it has several contributors and designers) The actual pattern in this book for this sweater is indeed a cardigan type sweater with these outrageous mixed pattern sleeves. I think the cardie part is knitted and the sleeves are crocheted. Mrs. W, well she’s a brilliant knitter and magics her needles to whip up all sorts of jumpers and scarves for her brood and their friends, so these sleeves are actually a Magical masterpiece which shows her savvy use of stash. These sleeves on a shrug would be awesome!

  12. i kind of liked the orignal. not that i would wear it out on the streets. however the real world variety is … like a collection of arylic doylies stuck togehter. it seems like a fire hazard.

  13. The sleeves work for Molly Weasley!

  14. I think the non-movie version (won’t say real world…that’s more Tom Baker era Doctor Who outer space freak chic) is HORRIBLE. Obviously made with too bulky yarns and colors are all wrong! This is the kind of thing that people dread as Christmas gifts from a crocheter. Funny, I had more money than time this year (and my hands are sore) so I bought my gifts…I actually had people tell me they were looking forward to what I made them. Last year, the girls got ruffle scarves and the men got trigger finger gloves (lots of hunters in my family).

  15. I was browsing for pictures of Molly Weasley for my cosplay in June, and I came across this site. I agree with all of the above! I will make my cardigan in more subtle “british countryside”-colors instead of clown barf. I will also make it more modern and tightfitting, and not soo big sleeves, so I wont look like a bag of potatoes. Eventhough Molly is a curvy woman you can still make the cosplay suit YOU. Wich I dont think the “real” version does. Its way to big for the model.

  16. I would wear this everywhere, no lie. (And eventually the worn-in dirt would make the colours muted.)

    But I’m a nutbar, so there you go.

  17. I also have designed a crochet pattern for Molly Wealsey’s Sweater – and I’m so thrilled mine hasn’t made it onto WNTW website!! LOL My pattern is for the complete sweater and is completely crochet. I have sold many many copies of this pattern over the last several years, and continue to sell it. It’s been one of my most popular patterns, 2nd only to my Shawler. I agree – the colors need to be a little more muted, and the sleeves not quite so flared. However, it is a fun sweater to make and wear!

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