If you’re not sure…

Please wear a bra! At least it’s “only” $2.01 for the pattern or is that even too much? Yes, we know the designer doesn’t have a professional studio, lighting and models but I’m sure whoever was editing the photos could see the glaring nipples so there’s really no excuse unless of course they were blind or figured the nipple exposure would sell the pattern.

13 Comments to “If you’re not sure…”

  1. I’m also noticing a serious need for panties…

  2. lack of underthings aside, I think that the garment itself is quite lovely. Would you mind posting or emailing a link so I can purchase the pattern?

  3. Well, I hate to sound b*tchy, but it also appears that if she extended the arm that is up by her head and shifted her fairly scant weight ever so slightly, that deeply-scooped neckline would soon become a deeply-scooped ankle line. Which may be the original intention. I don’t know.

  4. Hmm I was looking at his site the other day and while some of his designs are somewhat cute … his models frightened me. I’m sure they are not unattractive women in real life, but his photographer doesn’t know how to get the camera to love them very much.

    • I have to agree about the models. Most of them look like they’ve pulled too many times on the crack pipe, or they’re emaciated. I was wondering how long it would take WNTC to pick up on this designer. Some of them are really cute, but most of them are just hidious, and mostly because of the models.

  5. I bet the photographer told her, “No. Nothing is showing through. No shaddup and smile.”
    A lot of models do free work for the exposure, but not this kind.

  6. I like the top half of the dress but the bottom is just sad.

  7. It’s not just her nipples showing through, it’s everything else, as well. Stomach, hip bones, every bump and bulge is emphasized. If you have anything less than a perfect, slim figure, this dress will make you look frumpy no matter what color you make it–AND you will get major panty- and bra-lines, unless you line it with fabric.

  8. If only I had her body.

  9. I like it! Its just right!

  10. I could only imagine this on my daughter…she’s 7 and thin as a twig…high metabolism from her dad…Otherwise, I’m not even sure SPANX could help that…even on a thin model I think it would look like a boxy mess.

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