For the man in your life…

Be careful what type of yarn you use though – certain blends could be itchy or cause some chafing! And if any men are reading this, would you know your woman (or man if you prefer) cared if s/he made one of these for you? I particularly like the thunderbolt don’t you? At least it’s shown on a mannequin and not a real person so we wouldn’t have to pass around the eye bleach!

13 Responses to “For the man in your life…”

  1. I think my man would divorce me if I made him one of those.

  2. The mind boggles.
    Now would you please excuse me – I have to go scrub my eyeballs.

  3. When I showed this to my husband, he started laughing and said, “You’re NOT thinking of making one, are you?!” “Of course not, Dear. This is what NOT to crochet!”

  4. We still need eyeball bleach, yuck!

  5. Ok, just imagine this in fun fur! Oh heavens, my mind’s eye, my minds eye needs eye bleach!

  6. God you have sharp eyes – I had to look really hard for that thunderbolt (and that was certainly no picnic)

  7. I smell a stocking stuffer. LOL Perhaps instead of the lightning bolt I can make a pair for everyday and label them Monday, Tuesday… the options are endless really.

  8. OMG! I need this pattern! My husband is always teasing me saying he wants me to crochet him some underwear. This would solve that lol!! Seriously, if anyone knows where toget this pattern, it has Christmas gag written all over it!

  9. That’s just not right. (())

  10. For all the puritans’ eyes that are screaming for bleach: “YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT CLICKED THE MOMENT YOU SAW THE THONGS, BUT YOU STILL HAD TO LOOK!” =D


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