Yes, I *know* we’re What Not To Crochet

and not What Not To Knit…

But I have to ask..

Just what the FUCK is this??

37 Responses to “Yes, I *know* we’re What Not To Crochet”

  1. Oh-my-god, or in finnish “voi hyvä luoja”.

  2. Leigh Bowery crossed with one of the X Men?

  3. OMG – a knitted gimp suit – how utterly scary!!!

  4. Loving the mohawk though… and the chucks. The rest of it is a bad acid trip.

  5. I suppose the skull patterns are to make it look tough?

  6. My daughter loves it and wants me to order it. ROFL

  7. I have no idea what this is or what it’s for. What I do know is I don’t want it anywhere near me. I frighten easily 😛

  8. As to what the f**k it is–maybe a poject to teach multi-color knitting? At least it’s great for a laugh and I won’t feel so bad the next time I have a project that turns out differently than expected.

  9. Is there an actual human being inside that thing?

  10. that is UGLY and a complete waste of good yarn also, wasted time spent making it!!!! UCK!!

  11. Ooo wow… a Fair Isle Gimp!!!

  12. In defense of this monstrosity, that is some amazing craftmanship.

  13. I saw an installation of this artist’s work at SAM juxtaposed opposite of some African Tribal costumes. It made me laugh out loud – in delight. Mostly made from thriftstore sweaters

  14. After all the effort with the headpiece, the face mask, the gloves.. why leave out the socks?

  15. Lucha Libre meets runaway knitting?

  16. Uncomfortable? The skittles Tubesock’s gay brother?

  17. I can’t stop laughing, but someone did put their heart into that!

  18. what that is, is just wrong on so many levels. I’m not just horrified I’m mortified. WHY? OH God Why?


  20. This is what happens when you mix knitting with dropping acid. I think that may be what happened

  21. I think this is brilliant,,, though I wouldn’t like to see it on the street, especially in the dark 😉

  22. You know, some people rob banks disguised in normal clothes and a ski mask. This guy got a bit carried away with the ski mask part.

  23. Well, I have to admit that probably took a lot of patience and talent. And a drug that might not be approved for legal use. I’m with ya. WTF is it for???

  24. My husband would order 2, if not more… that is the ULTIMATE club wear… that is the club wear of the 22nd century! ROTFLMAO

  25. Lord have mercy, I want it. I shall stuff it with fiber fill and strap it in my passenger seat so that I can travel discreetly in the HOV lanes of Houston, Texas. Pary I don’t get shot.

  26. Well, there are about four pieces that, on their own, would be stand-out great. You COULD wear the mohawk mask when you go skiing. A vest, a turtleneck, and some leggings/pants. Unless it’s a bodysuit.

  27. I had to post this picture and a link back here, it’s just what I needed to cheer up some people I know – thank you!

  28. Tried 3 times – I got nothin 🙂 Warm?

  29. Had to look again – a sampler!

  30. lmao……a vision of color of course! A fugly one I’ll agree. It must be a new Halloween costume….ya reckon???

  31. You have inspired me, it is simply artwork. I think I have found my next projects.


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