At least it’s not in Granny Squares.. (and vote pls!)

Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy.

First of all – have to remind you that whilst the Northern hemisphere is rejoicing in Summer, those of us on the Flip side of the Planet are feeling the chills.

Heralded (or maybe I should say Telegraphed) this morning was the Snuggie, or the Slanket, or the Blankoat.

Sales does be through the roof of the blanket with sleeves.

What is making this news cringeworthy is these are items that are designed for on-couch or at most in-house use, like our old comfy friend, the Ugg boot. brittney

And the Ugg boot, as we all know, has a painful tendency to make appearances elsewhere.


Ok – the Absolutely Unbreakable Rule is

they should not be worn PAST your MAILBOX. 


And fricking never with a gap between the closest garment’s hem and the top of the boot.

Unless it’s a negative gap – otherwise known as



The modern day Snuggie, for those people cannot master advanced technology such as a Blanket – I mean seriously, is it *that* hard to maintain control of a piece of cloth while reaching for the remote???

And besides – we’ve been here before : Couch Dresses!


lionbrand of course

To make matters worse….   we have not one, but two Yarnporiums who have produced patterns (and one has been around for awhile – has anyone bothered to make one?) for Wrapghans.


These are patterns that are designed purely to drive up the Global demand for Yarn – because you’ll need enough sheep to send someone to Dreamyland to make it!



What not to crochet – something that pins you to the couch out of the sheer weight of the yarn that the Manufacturer is trying to flog.






Oh and BTW :

2009 BlogLuxe Awards


11 Comments to “At least it’s not in Granny Squares.. (and vote pls!)”

  1. I don’t think the woman in the top picture has enough clothes on to be anywhere but in a bathroom right after a shower. And the crocheted thing? Couldn’t even afford to make it in big lot acrylic.

  2. May I direct your attention to this spoof on the snuggie infomercials: ‘The WTF Blanket’ ( *Caution, NSFW*

    This pretty much sums up the stupidity that is the snuggie.

  3. The Snuggie thing? I mean, I should get the copyright for that. It’s called, wearing your bathrobe backwards. Sheesh.

    Yeah. Those boots. That outfit. In public? For reals?

  4. Wrapghans! Like it! Did anyone ever wear a knitted dress? Wouldn’t they be a bit hot? (At least crochet dresses are well ventilated.)

  5. Um, yeah, not one of Britney Spears’ best looks…

    I work at a Midwestern U.S. University, and I couldn’t even begin to count the number of girls I’ve seen wearing Uggs with shorts or skirts. I’m not a fan.

  6. Walmart has a prom! Who knew?

  7. Someone needs to get the mother of the girl in the top picture to explain to her that it is not O.K. to wander around in public wearing only a sheet wrap around her and Ugg boots. LOL

  8. The Snuggie is more than a blanket, it is a way of life. All hail the great fabric!

  9. It’s really not cool to show the girl’s face. I mean, bad fashion sense does not mean you deserve to be humiliated on the internet.

  10. “It’s really not cool to show the girl’s face. I mean, bad fashion sense does not mean you deserve to be humiliated on the internet.”

    UMMM. It’s Brittney Spears. I don’t think she has any privacy left to protect.

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