How to punish a Cheating Man…

I don’t think I can find the words to describe this…

I’ll just show you instead:

the worst poncho and hat for a guy ever

79 Responses to “How to punish a Cheating Man…”

  1. Are those coloured marshmallows or some kind of weird pom-pom?

  2. OMG – you are correct – words cannot describe this one

  3. I don’t know what he did. but whatever it was he was very very bad.

  4. What the hell is that? Was it attack of the killer pom poms or something? He looks like a class of kindegarten students armed with glue and craft supplies were sicked on him with instructions to leave nothing untouched.

  5. What the hell is that? Was it attack of the killer pom poms or something? He looks like a class of kindegarten students armed with glue and craft supplies were sicked on him with instructions to leave nothing untouched.

  6. My god! Even if a female model displayed this, it would be horrendous, but having a malmakes it worse.
    Maybe it’s one of the ping pong swimming assistance things that keeps you afloat if you can’t swim.

  7. OMG!!! that man looks just as uncomfortable as the thing.

  8. Is it wrong if my first instinct was to giggle uncontrollably?

  9. Okay, I’ll bite. What is it? And is it, in fact, crocheted?

  10. It looks like a bubble gum dispenser puked on him.

  11. Is it maybe a tribute to Jay McCarroll (of Project Runway fame)? He used to rock that style in the first season.

  12. That’s just painful to look at.

  13. I think it took a lot of imagination to come up with a gumball machine costume for Halloween. Too bad the guy looks like he’s already been chewed. Bless his heart. I hope he was paid well or at least got to break up with the horrible girl he was dating who talked him into this.

  14. The poncho and hat are horible, but did anyone see the pants!

  15. The hat is hideous as well! Are those blue roses or did
    somebody upchuck on his head?

  16. I’ll bet there is a designer that is selling this for a small fortune!

  17. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Yep. That would teach him.

  18. I think he looks sweet. Like a cupcake. Exactly like a cupcake.

  19. My husband says, “That’s not crochet for men, that’s crochet for someone whose balls have been cut off.”

  20. I love the title of this post

  21. *envisioning the ex in this getup* Suh-weet!

    Good heavens, even the makeup is horrendous – he looks like he’s got the most colorful black eye in the history of mankind!

  22. You know what he’s thinking……..”I am not a girl. I am not a girl. I am not a…………oh hell, my nertz are gone in this get-up…….I AM a girl”

  23. How to describe it? He wears the cotton balls he have used to remove the makeup…

  24. Great title
    Reminds me of my favorite Zoolander movie quote:
    Do as you are trained… AND KILL THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER! – Mugatu

  25. Good heavenly Days. That poor, poor man. He was either high on something or in very bad with his boss. That hat makes me retch & the pom pom poncho makes it all come up from the toenails.

  26. After nearly giving myself a hernia laughing so hard… I noticed the shoes……HAHAHAHAHA

  27. This is just wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    I just hope that guy is getting paid well for this humiliation.

    The pancho, the hat, the pants…even the polka-dot shoes are awful.

    And, am I wrong or does that beard and mustache seem drawn on with magic marker?

    More proof that frosty blue eyeshadow looks good on NO ONE!

  28. Wow…It sure takes “a lot of balls” to wear such a garment…Apparently he has plenty of balls!!! lol

  29. What a horrendous outfit!! And that guy must be getting paid to wear it!! no other way he’d be seen in public like that!

  30. ohoho, good one !


    That is great!

    Seriously, that is so bad, I cannot believe they talked him into it.

  32. Hilariously fugly! Not to mention, it looks quite time consuming to make. Making and attaching all those pom poms must have been a bitch. So it does not even have the advantage of being fugly but fast. Also (in response to a comment above) , Jay McCarroll made interesting and attractive knitwear, I can’t see him making or wearing either the hideous poncho or the fugly hat.

  33. wow I wonder what he man who is wearing is thinking

  34. now I figured out what this outfit if for – the Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer! (Those of you not in the States don’t know that Spitzer who ran as a “Mr Clean” campaign has been caught using taxpayers money to pay for his use of prostitutes). Yeah, I’d stand next to that s.o.b. at the press conference if he was wearing this lovely number;)

  35. It looks like the ball pit at the local Chuck E. Cheese exploded.

  36. Pshh. I’d wear that. The hat is dumb, but I’d kill to have a poncho like that, if preferably with less pastels and brighter colours instead.

  37. As bad as the pom poms are, the shoes are so much worse! And what is that attached to his right knee? Women’s underwear?

  38. My eyes! My eyes!

  39. I don’ t know what’s worse – the poncho or the hat!!
    Lovely things …. wrong planet.

    LOL Lizzy

  40. My first thought was “is that Jesus in LA?”

  41. Ahh this should be titled “The trouble with Tribbles” straight from Star Trek

  42. What does it take to get clothing designers to remember that they are making CLOTHES…for PEOPLE….

  43. Are you sure this isn’t one of those stunts you have to pull to get into a fraternity?

  44. Better choice than his balls in a vise!

  45. Who’s cleaning up the coffee spit from my monitor???

    Remember people — drugs and crochet hooks do not mix.

  46. The judge offered him 30 years in prison or a walk down the runway in that poncho. His lawyer talked him into taking the deal.

  47. The perfect outfit for that homeless guy by the freeway.

  48. I actually looked at this picture on your website at LEAST three different times before I could post a comment. This poncho is truly frightening and the hat is no better. To top it off, this poor due is wearing bad makeup, raggedy jeans AND shoes that should be thrown away. What did he do to get blackmailed into wearing this in public?

  49. From my friend Monica:

    That might work as a misbehavior deterrent at home for the kids!
    Do your chores or you’ll have to wear the pompom cape!
    You said you didn’t want to put your dishes in the dishwasher? Really, well here’s the pompom cape…enjoy!
    Backtalk? You are the proud owner of the pompom cape while we go grocery shopping!

    Except I think it would qualify as abuse in most states…


  50. I’m still laughing.


  52. HA HA HA HA – oh, crud… I just peed my pants!

  53. I just discovered this website and it’s killing me (ROFL!), thanks, I really needed a good laugh tonight!

  54. Me thinks someone’s kid just learned how to make pom poms and made many, many of them, before finally get bored. After scattering them through the neighbourhood for the cats to play with, there was only a few thousand left. Light bulb moment, I will make a poncho and they will love it, because it’s haute coutre and who dares argue with that?

    Not even Christian Lacroix would do this (I hope it wasn’t one of his, the bubble dress was bad enough)

    The best thing about this is, is the fact that he has bad eye make up and they drew on his beard, he will never be recognised as himself in public.

  55. Punky Brewster had a sex change!

  56. Coffee has spewed out of my face and onto my monitor…hahahahahahahahaha…life is good…best photo I’ve seen in a long time. 😀

  57. That is TOOOO funny. Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything. But I was laughing so hard and so loud that my dog came over to see if I was okay. The poor, poor man! (But I REALLY like the child-disciplinary idea!!) Thanks for the good fun!

  58. ok, at first glance (after having a fit of laughter) i was thinking this was the new costume for the lead character in that joseph and the coat of many colors musical.
    i agree with one of the above comments, looks like kindergarteners got ahold of him with pom poms.

  59. I knew the economy was bad, but now we’re making fashion accessories for the homeless? I guess it would be nifty if you had to sleep over a steam grate in Brooklyn in December. I know if I was down to my last nickle, I’d surely spend $650 to look like a warm homeless dude on a park bench.

  60. Oh dear God!! I can only assume that at the fashion show the insane b*tch who made this asked for a volunteer to model it and that poor sap wasn’t as quick as his colleagues in taking two steps backwards!

  61. I was just navigating around the site and this one just came up. I almost choked on my coffee!!!!

    Do people actually buy these things?????

  62. Look at the FACE…. I believe it’s Jesus Christ!!! I guess someone decided the crucifixion wasn’t enough.

  63. I would like the model, minus those fugs, please.

    Strike that… minus all his clothes. Thank you.

  64. OK this guy is a one man fashion show…. on Mars! I laughed at all of your comments and peed my pants this is bad!

  65. One thing you gotta say, this guy’s got balls… er, I mean pom-poms!

  66. And you wonder why he cheated?

  67. Just be glad you don’t see whatever it is that is being worn _under_ the poncho.

  68. …that’s a lotta gumballs….

  69. Joseph and the AMAZING TESTES-Colored Dreamcoat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I just sent the picture to my husband as a warning!!! Ha Ha


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