And to head off in 2008!

I’m unspeakably relieved that despite a significant amount of searching I couldnt find Christmas Crocheted Fug.

I looked. I found some really darling pieces that made me wish I had more time in my life but.. hey..

What I did find.. and it produced a number of mixed reactions when I saw it, was this:

a hat apparently (get this.. it’s a bargain at 3,000 pounds!!)

It’s a Hat. It may LOOK like a sea anemone or the hyperbolic crochet reef.. but it’s a hat. For 3,000 pounds???

It looks vaguely biological.

And painful….

And if anyone feels that they could make this and give it to  their significant other/partner/sweetie/husband (darling or otherwise) and not have it surreptitiously fed to the dog/cat/budgie, please give it a go, and send the photos!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a fugfree (in every way!)  New Year!

10 Comments to “And to head off in 2008!”

  1. I would never give that to my car I’d be afraid that my cat would choke on it.

  2. My Cat not car-come to think of it I could use it in the car to hide things in-no one would touch it-it might bite.

  3. Why does it look like a porcupine pressed up against a chain-link fence? Yikes!

  4. I know! It’s an Orange covered in Cloves! LOL, I used to hate making those in grade school. <>

  5. That cannot be a hat! I am thinking, add handle, flip it upside down and it is a carrier for a toy dog.

  6. WOW that’s awful!!! Words truly cannot express exactly how ugly!

  7. Hey I can bring this to my biology class for show and tell!

  8. Looks more like what’s left behind by elephants at the zoo.

  9. A fool and his money are soon parted. Anyone who would spend £3,000 (what is that, like $5,000 US?) on a piece of crap deserves to lose £3,000 for a piece of crap.

    What they don’t deserve is an extra £3,000 to blow on crap.

  10. “Anyone who would spend £3,000 (what is that, like $5,000 US?)…” Your close Maryann (give that lady a pallet of yarn) £3,000 converts to USD4,447.20 Either way how hard up for something hand made would you have to be to want to spend that kind of money for that EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Sheeesh That’s more than I spent on my car.

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