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June 14, 2007

Hyperbolic Crochet Motifs

Need an explanation? Thought you might and here you go: “Hyperbolic Crochet is the name given to applying a mathematical principle to crochet patterns. A hyperbolic plane expands exponentially from any point on its surface, always curving away from itself. Hyperbolic growth gives rise to the ruffled shapes of coral, kelp, and sea anemone. You can easily crochet a hyperbolic surface by increasing at a constant rate throughout the piece. Crocheting a reef is a great opportunity to try different yarns and stitches. The variety of textures and shapes will inspire you to expand your crochet boundaries.” (quoted from Lionbrand)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in…yikes, just what level has Lionbrand sunk to with this one? Bottom of the ocean low? Not sure you can get much lower than that.

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