Bronx Bag

“A crocheted Bonsai bag is adorned with bobbles galore”
quoted directly from the site. Bobbles galore…ya,
that’s exactly what this looks like.

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in!

32 Comments to “Bronx Bag”

  1. It would be great for keeping you dog near you. He could try to chew on all of the bobbles.

  2. Looks like it has little dingleberries on it. 😉

  3. The dangling thingies look like baby bags…. You plant them and harvest more bags! I’m going to get one! hee hee!

  4. what is it with bobbles on purses…do people actually think it LOOKS GOOD??? How horrible! More surface area to catch dirt and grime….

  5. Bobbles??

    I was thinking “Scrotal”.

  6. I guess it would make a good weaning bag.

  7. Oh gee, more dangly bits to catch on every protrusion the owner gets anywhere near. Definitely not a bag for klutzes. The cats would destroy in a moment of boredom.

  8. They give me an irresistible urge to tear them off.

  9. oh wow just what we all need … a crochet uterus complete with fibroids

  10. . . .or maybe what the surgeons have removed from my various organs over the years. . .

  11. You know, it puts me in mind of the day the cat took a walk in the woods and came out wearing a herd of ticks.

  12. My god this thing is really a sight, i mean it aint that bad compared tho the other stuff on this sight i mean they should realy think about what they are doing

    P.S i love this site every 1 spread da word.

  13. But don’t you think it would look better if all the bobbles were different Colors!

    ~ducks away from all the bottles being thrown~

    I hope I didn’t give the designer any ideas ~~shudder~~

  14. Someone quarantine that thing, it looks like its broken out in an infectious disease.
    The worldwide threat, Bobbleitis!

  15. Even if you remove the little testicles, the bag is still shaped like a great big one.

  16. We always have to get a scissors and cut those off when
    my cat gets them on – well, the places he can’t reach.

  17. I always wanted a uteras bag with nasty growths all over it. Heres a thought to go along with that tumored uteras bag, every month you get to put your monthly supplies in it to, how special.

  18. It looks like it could hatch at any moment.

  19. It looks like a wasps’ nest made by very untalented and possibly drunk wasps.

  20. Fibroids, scrotums and intestinal polyps! BLECH!

    And in addition to making all the bobbles different colors, they should add bells.

    Gack! This purse makes me what to throw up in it! Yes -it’s a puke bag more than a purse!

  21. A colon polyp demo bag, perhaps. A nice dark pink might work better, though, which I never say about anything…

  22. Reminds me of the bottom of school bleachers with gum stuck all over it. Ack!

  23. I’m new to crocheting and I’m really enjoying it…but I must say I have come up short trying to find some decent patterns. I see so many cool tops in the stores…Where does one find the cool patterns?!? Help, if I see one more poncho or doily I’m going to throw up.

  24. You know, it wouldn’t look so bad if the base was more structured and squared off. But you would still have to get past the bobbles looking like big boogers.

  25. Personally, I find this bag boring, ugly and not especially functional even without those cringle-inducing “bobbles” (they’re not so much true bobbles as… wads.)

    I mean, does any woman really want to carry around a fairly large, potentially heavy purse by hard handles instead of being able to sling it over her shoulder?

    The structure is non-existent, the shape is strange, the color is bland, the stitches are dull (exempting the wads) and look at the edges around the opening!

    This pattern is just insulting.

  26. Good God! That was almost a totally accurate representation of my scary 3rd grade teacher’s bloated chin, complete with skin tags. A few randomly placed hairs in the form of black thread, is all that it would take to make it complete.

  27. Hey, Give a big Bronx cheer to the Bronx bag!

  28. Oh, the horror!

  29. it makes me think of a cat with a bunch of matted hair balls hanging off of it.

  30. hmmm … just what the world needs – bags with dags
    … and yes it does also kind of look like a kangaroo scrotum with ticks or something on it …
    Actually those dangly things kind of bring back memories of my grandpa – and those moles he used to get growing on his skin … they started out like a normal mole but they kind of grew into dangly things … and once they grew big enough to dangle then grandma would tie a bit of cotton around them and they would wither and drop off …
    (like your fingers will if you waste time crocheting sh.t like that?)

  31. Looks like a sheep in bad need of sheering. When my dog’s fur got to looking like that I shaved her.

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