Satyr Masks

Okay, these were made in the 70’s and mostly
as artwork but some were actually sold so in
that respect, we had to post one of this designer’s
masks. And here we all thought the doll faces were
freaky in the last post – I am quite sure this one
reaches a whole higher level on the freaky meter.

And a shout out to Garth over at Extreme Craft not
only for sending this in but for also mentioning
WNTC when he’s lecturing. Go check his site –
he’s got some freaky stuff too!

44 Responses to “Satyr Masks”

  1. Okay, I now have to stop checking this before I go to bed. I’m likely going to have nightmares from this. Wow.

  2. Wow! If that doesn’t wake someone up first thing in the morning……I don’t know what will. WTF is this supposed to be? Artwork? Yeah, maybe in a drug induced hazy conceptual kind of way, maybe………..However, if I wore that into the office, THAT would be the one thing I could do to get some time off…… a padded room of course, but hey, time away from here is still time away……….

  3. That is a bit freaky but it might come in handy at Halloween….It’s interesting anyway.

  4. There’s not one thing I could say that everyone isn’t already thinking! I’m at a total loss of words.

  5. I do admire the amount of time and energy that it obviously took to create this monstrosity. But WoW!

  6. i love that it is being worn with a sweater vest. that’s what i always reach for when i’m trying to find the perfect partner to my satyr mask.

  7. Thanks for making my life completely complete, What Not to Crochet!

  8. LORD, have mercy! That’s bad even for the 70’s!

  9. Very strange, I agree. But I find less fault with this than with things that were actually made to be worn. There is something to be said for the quality of the work, too. For all the strangeness of it, I can’t help but have some admiration for the designer, which is more than I can usually say for the fugs on WNTC.

  10. *wow* the only way that could be freakier is if they could somehow take those doll heads and attach it to the mask;)
    I have to say, despite the freakiness, a lot of work & care went into the making of this mask. Glad I look at this before I go to work and not before I go to bed

  11. This is cool. It’s not clothes, it’s art.

  12. Is the little face on the right part of the mask or the vest?

  13. How did I not notice the tiny cat pin on the sweater vest until now? Shudder.

  14. I don’t know if the designer was purposely trying to recreate the masks used in ancient Greek theater, but he did a really good job of copying the style in a different medium:

  15. Would be great for Mardi Gras!

  16. I think it’s a cool piece of artwork. Reminds me of the artifacts I ran across as an anthropology student.

  17. I’m sure that on my blog you will find a lot of ideas for you… sigh sigh… But I’m so happy in doing crochet things. And I’m more happy in making gifts to colleagues that can not protest!

  18. WOW! that is so cool! I wish I knew how to crochet like that, all I can do it basic afgahns

  19. It’s a wonderful piece of ’60’s fiber art by Niki Hitz Edson, one of a group of about five artists that worked out of Pratt University. Perhaps seeing it in context on her website would make it more palatable to some?

    EDITED BY WNTC: Removed direct link to site as there are way too many pop-ups that come with it. It can be easily searched for through Google or any search engine if you want to see it.

  20. Interesting and very artistic. Creative as well. But, it just isn’t all that attractive.

  21. This is incredibly awful and wonderful all at the same time! (1) I can’t believe someone took the time, and (2) I can’t believe it’s lasted all this time…

  22. Okay!! That’s like the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen!! Well, close anyway. Amazing work though. 🙂

  23. Although a lot of what is on the “What Not to Crochet” site is amusingly horrifying, I don’t think this piece belongs here.

    Up until art pieces like this were made, the only crocheting was bedspreads and baby booties and was not considered “Art” by any stretch.

    Remember, too, that this was during the early years of the women’s movement, and knitting and crocheting were looked down upon as “anti-feminist.” Artists making pieces like this were revolutionary. In fact, Niki Hitz Edson and her contemporaries inspired me to move beyond afghans and doll clothes. We owe them a lot.

    Remember that the next time you go knitting or crocheting in public without shame.

  24. anyone else think that nose looks a little naughty?

  25. this is so fantastic! someone had been up watching “the wicker man” reeeeeely late at night…

  26. Ok, am I the only one who sees something “phallic” about the nose???

  27. THIS year I’m going to take my beloved MIL up on the idea of crafting presents for one another!

  28. I love this!!! I would actually make it as a Halloween mask – a great Greek tragedy thing!!

  29. Totally, Greek, but this kind of ‘work’ should be under a totally different heading, it should be appreciated in the creative aspect, my sons would love to wear it on Helloween.

  30. Your’e just jealous-coming up with something this detailed ain’t easy and you should see the rest of her work-fabulous!

  31. I`d put that on a wigholder in my house, and display it proudly. That is cool.

  32. If you’re shocked by the nose, look up “satyr” in a dictionary and look up references to goats and “the Horned God” in Barbara G. Walker’s _Women’s Encylopedia of Myths and Secrets.” Yes, it IS that BGW; she’s amazing.

  33. You know, I could see something like this being worn in a production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It may not be to everybody’s taste, but it’s definitely a work of art.

  34. sorry, but this one is REALLY cool. If they seriously intended for people to wear it out skiiing or something it could be considered awful, but it’s an art piece. As an art piece, it’s amazing. I’ll admidt the colors could be better, but hey, it was the 70’s.

  35. It looks like something you would wear to a pagan ritual.

  36. I screamed when I saw this.

  37. Utterly awesome!

  38. well, it certianly is creative

  39. This is meant as art, not a fashion accessory. I am impressed at the creativity of the design, especially the ringlet part covering the face and head. If one is going to crochet a satyr mask, I think they would be hard pressed to do a better job than this.

  40. This is great!

    (I would love to see someone skiing down the slopes with something like this on, beats the heck out of boring knit caps!)

  41. This is how I always pictured the Troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff.

    I never liked that Troll.

  42. OMG…… um, it might just be me, but is his nose a um… male appendage?????? O_O


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