Bonnie Belinda Accessories

What the ? This one is enough to
scare someone right out of their skin.

Thanks MK for sending this one in!

41 Comments to “Bonnie Belinda Accessories”

  1. Is the child’s name Eve? Does she have a face for each personality?


  2. Oh, I really, I mean REEEeeeaaallly want this pattern!

  3. My little girl would have nightmares!

  4. I think they’re adorable

  5. My hubby’s step mom uses those faces to make hand towels. She was just talking about finding them faces about a month ago so she could make some up. Please someone spare me!

  6. What is it anyway? I don’t don’t know that it’s fugly, but it’s definitely bizarre.

  7. Good lord! Severed doll heads. It’s only a matter of time before those heads stir into life and start whispering murderous thoughts into that child’s head, and then where will we be?

  8. This one needed a warning label

  9. I hope they will be able to pay for that childs mental therapy when she grows up.

  10. Behold Kewpie, the 6 (8? 10?) -eyed, who sees all, and sees particulary well off to the left there.

  11. It reminds me of chuckie. And not in a good way.

  12. And to think I used to like these doll faces but that’s right….they’re made for dolls, not headwarmers & purses.

  13. GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! when will those stupid plastic heads go away??!! Whoever still wastes the plastic to make those should be imprisoned!!

  14. Okay, not only is that one of the strangest things I think I’ve ever seen, at least as far as clothing designs, it’s also enough to horrify any child asked to wear it. Disembodied doll heads all over your stuff? It’s not adorable. It’s morbid.

  15. my grandmother made them for my sisters and me when we were kids… we thought they were fun.

  16. *ugh* those doll faces always creeped me out. I wonder how long the kid will be in therapy for?
    I remember tormenting my younger sisters with _pictures_ of that kind of thing…..creeped them out, too…

  17. The only way those earmuffs could be funnier would be if the other side of them was a plastic doll butt. 😛

    Seriously though–those things are majorly creepy!

  18. Oh lawd, KTtheKCbride! You had me in stitches! Bwa ha ha ha ha!! 😀

    lolarusa – Ha ha ha! That was brilliant!

    Susan – But would *you* want your *daughters* to be seen carting them around? Or would you die of humiliation? If the answer to the former is yes, then I’m glad I can’t see what you’re wearing.

    Brandy, I wish I could help you. You have my sympathy, truly. Maybe you could carefully orchestrate a freak bathroom fire?

  19. So her parents are already teaching their little darling to be two-faced? Or four-faced or what?

  20. That is a bit weird. I hate to see such talent used in such a heinous way.

  21. That is downright CREEPY!

  22. I just love this WNTC blog.. the responses have me absolutely rolling with laughter. My intention is to respond to whatever the post is… but once I start reading the comments… its too funny to stop and respond to the post… keep it coming.

  23. I should make this for my daughter just to scare the crap out of my husband (He hates all the Chucky movies)

    Or she could use it as a real strange Halloween costume.

  24. The worst part is the kid looks EXCITED!

  25. Dolls are creepy as it is, but doll faces in crochet garments…. ugh!!

  26. wow real creepy lol i mean this is like a weird chukky movie,and it looks like it takes like five skeins of yarn,who would really want to carry around severd doll heads?i would make a sling and carry around a doll instead……..
    and the other replys are hilarious lol,aand brandy i think if i walked into my kitchen at night to get a drink and saw a towel with a doll face id totally freaked out!lol

  27. Some things should be illegal…

  28. If I make it and my daughter wears it in India, she maybe mistaken for a new diety, Ha! Ha! Ha!

  29. That is beautiful…original ideas!

  30. Those doll heads were creepy enough on a toilet paper roll cover, omg there even creepier on a child.

  31. Reminds me of the Arnold Schwartzenegger movie “Total Recall” Remember the character that lived in the abdomen of another man? The host would open his shirt and an animated doll face would speak words of wisdom to Arnold.

  32. Wait, I already commented on this horrid mess before but I just noticed something…


    The whites of those damn cheesy doll’s eyes are blue. Excuse me? Are they from the planet Arakkis (Dune)? Had a bit too much Spice in their lives?

    Seriously… WTF?!

  33. Young lady…how many times does Mommy have to tell you to stop playing dress-up with Great Granny’s bathroom accessories?!

  34. Briiiiide of CHUCKY (Cue scary Psycho Music) SIGH

  35. Looks like a genetic defect. I’m reminded of a Saturday Night Live sketch where Rachel Dratch had an arm sticking out the side of her head.

  36. Caroline – HAHA! You’re right! It was a doll’s arm. No wonder this reminds you of that. How many people wear disembodied doll parts?

  37. My grandmother made a whole series of things with this kind of dolls heads, for example hotpads, “trayholders” (a device for hanging fine trays on the wall) toilet seat covers, etc etc etc… Im not saying its ok to expose a young child to these designs, but i turned out ok, just a slight tendency to run around naked in the woods hunting down pray during full moon nights, but who doesnt LOL.

  38. What the H— would possess anybody to make accessories with disembodied baby heads on them?

  39. Reading these negative comments just shows how time in fashion changes. They were popular years ago. I have the pattern for a doll to play with & looks cute.

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