Furry Fingerless Gloves

Can you believe those are fingerless
gloves? Yikes. It looks like some
sort of caterpillar hopped up on
steroids swallowing her hands.

Yes, yes the scarf is pretty
bad too but I’m not sure what’s
worse in this circumstance.

28 Comments to “Furry Fingerless Gloves”

  1. The colours aren’t too bad though. And you have to admit, it does have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

  2. DO tell me this has come from a cheer leading magazine – please… even if you have to lie!

  3. I could see a good use for those, esp. around Valantine’s day, plus some hand cuffs, and a significant other, certainly not used in public. Brings new meaning to the “fun” in the fun fur. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  4. What have they done to the Cat in the Hat?!

  5. Bleh. They’re both just stupid-looking. The scarf only moderately so – there are plenty of furry scarves, but the colors and those odd random end-stripes are strange. The gloves are totally moronic. And they look uncomfortable.

  6. I will go with you on the gloves…they would look stupid with or without fingers. But I kinda like the scarf…scarves after all do seem to be the proper place for fun fur, and it’s in Ohio State-ish colors.

  7. I recently bought one of those crank-style “knitting machines” for $20 at Michael’s the other week, along with two skeins of hot pink eyelash yarn and two skeins in black (both with metallic-gold trim). My seventeen-year-old wants me to use it to make her a scarf. It’s half-finished. Yeah, it’s quick and fairly easy, but eyelash yarn seems to be the only kind of yarn that will work with that thing. I used it earlier to also make her a pink-and-purple scarf with the skeins that came with it. (She uses that to drape over her dashboard.)

    Once you finish a length of it and let it cast off, you turn it inside-out to let the lashes flutter properly. I guess it’s cool if you’re and adolescent female, but it’s just not exactly my cup of cocoa. . .

  8. I never could figure out the reason for fingerless gloves anyway & these are really ugly. Why would you want all thet fake fur on your hands? Scarf isn’t gorgeous either but nowhere near as bad as those glove?

  9. “I never could figure out the reason for fingerless gloves anyway & these are really ugly.”

    Fingerless glaves can keep your hands warm, while leaving your fingers able to manipulate/sense. There are “classic” knitting (and crocheting, I suppose) gloves that have the thumb and fore finger free (the other fingers are covered), and I’ve seen “skilled craftsmen” use leather gloves with the forefinger and thumb cut off.

    But, these are ridiculous….

  10. Mazell Stafford – I agree. Fingerless gloves are okay for working with, but for warmth? What’s the point? When’s the last time your palms got cold? It’s your fingers that get cold!

  11. I think it might be good for Halloween costume, otherwise, how do you wear something like that.

  12. Either she’s really, incredibly, absolutely teensy or thems some awfully HYOOOOOOOOOOOGE woolly bear caterpillars attacking her!

  13. Soooo, does this mean it’s going to be a long winter?

  14. I have written a business plan for a yarn store that explicitly states there is to be no fun fur on the premises. ever.

  15. Hmmm. Obviously, WEeee are not the target audience. My 19 year old daughter likes that. 😀 I’m thinking in a few years she’s going to wonder what she saw in them.

  16. I actually love it. I love the whole outfit, maybe I’ll make it for valentine’s day this year. Then again, I’m only 14!

  17. Ha!
    i have been searching patterns for fingerless gloves to crochet and let me tell you …. they are all ugly! but these are horrible!
    I can find beautiful and creative knit gloves but crochet…. what is everyone thinking! they always look bulky, blocky and not fashionable unless your 12. (no offense youngsters out there) but i can’t see myself wearing fuzzy gloves into the office.

  18. Nix on the “fun” fur, of course., but I tell you there is an
    up side to nearly anything…if you search far and wide,
    and stretch your imagination to the limit.

    Playing Devils’ Advocate for just one moment, I do believe
    that I’ve found a use for fingerless gloves.
    I suspect this use was far from the minds of the designers,
    though I’m certain Lion Brand would embrace this new take
    on an old pattern….so get your hooks in gear, and don’t
    forget to thank me when the check rolls in.

    Never underestimate just HOW lazy some of us are.

    Who hasn’t been reading in a nice warm bed, loathe to
    leave it until finishing “just one more chapter”?
    A tug of war ensues, as most of you is snuggled in warmth,
    but of necessity, your arms are bared…and no amount of
    tugging your down filled comforter will cover them?

    I tell you, these are THE perfect accessory, keeping our goosepimpled arms warm, yet freeing the fingers for page turning, and conveniently using a stray piece of yarn as a bookmark.

    I COULD go so far as to say that a poncho would complete
    the ensemble, perhaps one with festive dingle balls tied at
    the neck – putting one in mind of a clown costume.
    This would ensure warm shoulders and complete coverage, but even my imagination has it’s bounderies…and I’m feeling

    If plagued by a bed hog, or even bed bugs, I’m certain
    the above ensemble, perhaps in a nice orange worsted, would assure years of solitary sleeping…and ample time to
    catch up on your reading.

    There! Now the fingerless gloves alone, don’t seem nearly
    so bad.

  19. Funfur should be on the same list as outlawed items such as cocain.

  20. I agree on the fun fur Tahna. (admitting I have an
    entire basket in the “what was I thinking” corner.

    There should be a similar set of rules to those which apply to purchasing a handgun. A several day waiting period, a background check, and in this case, pass an “intended use” questionaire.

  21. North Pole couture…for that chic elven look. Wow.

  22. This is fun fur abuse! I absolutely hate fun fur. Now everyone knows why.

  23. I don’t know, the scarf is half-cute. It looks kind of warm, too.

    The gloves are just ick, though.

  24. Come on… teenyboppers just love this pattern and the fun fur! Whereas *I* wouldn’t wear it at 54, they LOVE it.

  25. I a making red Santa boots with white top cuff out of fun fur for my 4 and 7 year old grand-daughters. Talk about cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using the same colors you see above. Too cute on those girls!

  26. There is a time and a place for fun fur (mostly in little amigurumi toys and such like planetjune.com and Gourmet Amigurumi), but fingerless gloves are definitely NOT it.

  27. I bet you not one of the people making nasty comments about these gloves can say that they NEVER wore something when they were a young woman that the adults didn’t all pounce on & say was ugly & stupid for them to wear. Hip huggers, bell bottoms, platform shoes, the grunge look in the 80’s… the infamous leg warmers which are now coming back. ALL of the young women who wore these were talked about in the SAME mean spirited derogatory way you all are doing here. You didn’t appreciate the bitter old hens being major downers & bumming you out back then… so stop acting like those old crones & RAGGING OUT on the kids today. I think they look cute & fun. Just because you are too old to pull it off don’t blame the kids for wanting their own “thing” today. Geez… get with it. What kind of EXAMPLE are you setting for other women? That we should all sit around ripping on anything that doesn’t conform to our standards? That’s the only thing this thread is accomplishing.

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