Fur Ever Elegant Wrap

A pink bow? Seriously? And all that fur
with a scraggly design too? Ugh.

32 Comments to “Fur Ever Elegant Wrap”

  1. Actually, I think it would be pretty in a regular (non-novelty) yarn. And in a different, sleeker yarn, I’m sure the design is lacy and not scraggly.

  2. What chewed the holes in it?

  3. Generally, big gaping holes does not equal elegant. It looks more like a critter had at it than like you are dressing for a high fashion event.

  4. The tragic, undignified fate of the Cookie Monster :).

  5. It looks like someone tried to put the cookie monster through a paper shredder.

  6. Wish I was brave enough to wear my shawls back-to-front!

  7. Such a pretty color – without the huge holes and the pink ribbon, it might actually look like something.

  8. Wow! Another instance of moths….giant, mutant junkie moths! Yeek!

  9. wow that is just wrong. it looks like the moths got to it… big ol Gypsy moths…

  10. First of all, “elegant fun fur” is an oxy-moron. Second of all “elegant electric turquoise” is an oxy-moron. Also “elegant gaping holes,” “elegant over-large mismatched ribbon tie,” and “elegant when worn backwards”… all pretty much oxy-morons.


  12. You’re so right, SapphireQueen—first it was a blue sequined tube dress, now this!!! What next?

  13. It’s Frizzelda, Ice Queen of the North, just emerged from her slushy, underwater lair! Geez, that thing is just ridiculous, isn’t it?

  14. It looks like something I pulled out of my great grandmother’s trunk when I was 8. Motheaten!

  15. Actually, its more the color of Herry Monster, not Cookie. This shawl would explain his absence on the show for the past 17 years or so 🙂

  16. My first thought when I saw this was “Oh, they’ve knit it to look like she had a dyed rabbit stole that the dog chewed up.”

    Two thumbs way, way down. Now, eliminate the gaping holes and make it out of, say, Sirdar Foxy, and we might have something there. Oh, and probably use a black velvet ribbon.

  17. I don’t know who decides this is ok. They probably need to see a therapist. Sooner rather than later.

  18. Fuzzy teal yarn + pink satin bow + worn backwards = Fashion Nope!

    Shut it off. Just because you make something old with new yarn doesn’t make it trendy or exciting. It mostly makes it depressing that new things can’t be made any more. We just try to reinvent the wheel or the poncho as the case may be.

  19. “Say, Ponchos were a big hit a couple years back! Lets do it again. This time with crazy itchy yarn so no one will wear it!!!”

    “Good idea!”

  20. ohhhh LORD! Poor poor cookie monster…we shall miss him, since this jerk killed him

  21. Cookie monster, hell. My first reaction was, “Spray that poor woman down with an fungicide!”

  22. A friend of mine would use the pink ribbon as a fuse to set the thing on fire.

  23. good lord! its like she walked into a cobweb.
    who writes patterns like this.. jus weird..

  24. Herry Monster!? Tell me it ain’t so! I mean, maybe he was just molting, you know? He could still be alive right? I can still have hope.

  25. I cannot for the life of me find anything which discourages
    giant MOTHS either!

  26. The only reason I would wear this would be to cover up an embarressing vomit stain. On reflection though, the vomit stain may actually look better!

  27. I think that is the shawl I had to throw away after my dog mistook it for one of his faux fur toys. The dumpster diver that retrieved it could have at least left a small donation in my mailbox.

  28. Furever wrap is lacy and crocheted in motifs to be attached. yeah

  29. PETA has freed the experimental gargantuan mega-moths !

  30. I can see this is black with some kind of shimmery non furry yarn.

  31. Oh dear, looks like the luna moth that lives at my gran’s house got to it X_X Yikes…it’s time to throw out the eyelash yarn if it makes you look like you’re wearin’ neon Astroturf…*Gag*

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