Hat of Horns

Um ya, because most crocheters like horns sticking
out of their hats. I particularly like the expression
on the girl with the green hat on – that says it all!

Granted, this pattern comes from
the Anticraft! website but please.

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!

40 Comments to “Hat of Horns”

  1. It’s green with horns = Horny
    How appropriate.

  2. Udderly __________! (fill in the blank).

  3. It’s particularly disturbing how the phallic the “horns” look.

  4. Beam me up! There is definitely no intelligent life here!

  5. Do you know what would make the hats really fun? Crochet some donut shaped stuffed rings. Have the ladies stand still wearing the hats while we play the ring toss game. 1 point for the top teets (because they’re easier) 3 points for the side teets. Any one game?

  6. Hey, THESE are great…. There are actually events I attend where these would fit in quite well, even though a bit on the conservative side

    Maybe not in plain red or green though…. Rainbow or ombres… with Fun Fur trim….

  7. Anticraft? Or is it Antichrist???


  8. Is this a lost scene from “Logan’s Run”? Geez, they look likek upturned udders.

  9. …Why…

    Aren’t tassles and bubbles enough?

    Who was sitting around and went:
    “I know! I’ll crochet myself some horns and then I’ll put it on a hat and we can sell it as a horny hat! It’ll be great! Everyone will want one! Then my wasted time and effort will somehow be worthwhile and my self-esteem won’t be so low and I will have purpose for my life!”

    Well, they may not have thought through the wasted time and effort part….

  10. I saw this on The Anticraft a while ago. Usually I like their designs, they’re frequently wicked, but this… this is just lame.

  11. I am using this design for inspiration. I made my 3 yo nephew a red hat and everyone was asking me where the devilish horns were. I little careful placement and i think I have his xmas gift ready to go.

    Maybe you just need to be part of our family to understand. I actually love the anticraft site and have used other designs for inspiration on other projects.

    given all that, this isn’t a hat I would make for an adult, in any way, shape or form.

  12. the look on the model’s face says everything

    “god, i’m not being paid enough… maybe i should have been an accountant”

  13. Red: “So, who kills who first?”
    Green: “Take me first. I have no will to live.”

  14. Hmmm … this could be the perfect little stocking stuffer to make for that sister-in-law who has everything and likes nothing. I’m truly tempted. 😀

  15. Why are they in black and white… did the udder-horns suck the color out of the models? I’m confused.

  16. You’re all a bunch of lemmings.

  17. Agreed with the last response. I like the hats, personally.

  18. My, some awfully cranky people around here ;p
    I gotta say, i’m having a love hate relationship with those hats. I like wearing weird things, and yet i understand that i would look UTTERLY (or Udderly, if you will) ridiculous in either one. It would make an absolutely adorable baby hat though.

  19. My three year old loved it, too! Except he also wanted earflaps and more of the horn parts. Yikes.

  20. Ahem people? Haven’t you heard of fibre art? fibre sculpture? Why do you have to judge every piece made out of yarn using the yardstick of whether you would wear it or not? We need people like this artist to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a medium that can be so 2D. Have you got no sense of fun? Actually, it pleases me greatly that only a select few ‘get’ these kind of designs.

  21. Class. First the fame of ‘You Knit What?’ and now this. The jokes on you, folks.

  22. The hat was created by a very talented fibre artist. I personally wouldn’t wear it but it is fun and different. Life would be sooo boring if everyone liked the same things…

  23. Wow, thanks guys for introducing me to a genuinely new experience. I have discovered the female side of the pound in the craft world. I didn’t know such a place existed

  24. I love it, beats all the middle of the road designs around:). I love all this artists work, her stuff is really OTT and hey that works for me
    the mog in scotland

  25. You think that’s bad? (Big Wormhead fan btw), check this out!

  26. I guess if you’re a bored suburban housewife the hats could be a little scary. Personally I think they’re great fun.

  27. Hey, I’m a suburban housewife and I like the hats, its not scary its funny. A urban conversation piece, I must say… ahem.

  28. I rather like it. What it COULD use, though, are a lot more horns, and maybe some pom-pom bits on the ends… Now that would make it a lot more cool.

    Wouldn’t it?

  29. Um, those don’t look like horns to me…scary stuff.

  30. I agree with The AntiSnark. Look, if you hadn’t seen them on this site, they wouldn’t be all that bad. Admit it. There is so much woese fug out there more worthy of responses like these than the horn hats. The’re absolute angels compared to most of the other stuff on this site.

  31. Ohhhhh! I get it… I missed out on the Allergen Headdress Fad… Hmph. Well, I guess I won’t let it [i]get under my skin![/i] Hahaha — Okay. Not funny. But neither is the amount of free time this designer has literally on his/her hands.

  32. Ok, why would anyone want to crochet this.

  33. I absolutely love this hat and will be crocheting it for a friend who’s started chemo. What better hat to wear into a chemo treatment than one with horns, ready for battle? Any ridiculous humor that can be interjected in that situation has got to be welcome. It would also make a wonderful triceratops hat for my 6yo DS.

  34. ….When good Teletubbies go bad….

  35. My brother loved the one I made him. He wanted it in lime green, neon orange, RED, black and purple. He is as unique guy and wore it to work! He calls it his (insert male genitalia euphemism) hat

  36. I love this hat!

  37. THIS IS EPIC. ❤

  38. A very bad Shrek/Teletubby impression

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