Speed Hook Shell

I think the model’s facial expression
sums this creation up in one word –

Thanks Abi for the submission!

25 Comments to “Speed Hook Shell”

  1. ohmigod!! this is so ugly!

  2. I just cannot think of how to describe it! Wow….

  3. Um………yeah……..

  4. It looks like she’s playing both Tristan and Isolde…crochet chain mail tunics…ugh

  5. “It’s sad, Bill. The photo shoot for that stupid vest took 3 hours and THIS is the best picture we could get.”

    Hmmm….They make fishnet stockings, why not fishnet sweater vests?

  6. The model’s thinking “Dang! I can’t keep any food down and this thing still makes me look fat!”

  7. Speed Hook Shell? it’s a play on words… Look more like a SHELL, someone made while HOOKed on SPEED!

  8. I would pity the model if she had a decent styled hair cut. As it stands, this look might be improved with some bright yellow and orange crocheted flowers (appliqued or inserted). May be some colourful granny squares. If you’re going to be a hippy, you should go all the way!

  9. What’s wrong with this? I mean, who wouldn’t want a difficult-to-describe, net-like garment somewhere between a tank and a vest that is so utterly unique that you’ve never seen anyone else where such a thing and which makes you look about 20 pounds heavier around the middle?

    You’d have to be cah-razy to pass up this pattern!

  10. I mean the colour’s okay, but there simply oughta be a law against this pattern, ya know?

  11. This *is* the same woman who was unfortunate enough to have to model this hat, right? Pauvre fille…

  12. Wouldn’t it have been easier if they just skipped the crochet part and wrapped a skein of yarn around her?

  13. that’s beyond fug… it’s mofug!

    and you’re right, the model’s expression does say it all!

  14. Aw, come on now. I just made a very cute, useful little soapholder that looks much the same as this!
    Okay, just kidding. The pattern really shouldn’t be allowed to be used beyond soapholders.

  15. I actually tried the speedhook tank w/fun fur…it was beyond awful. Your comments are too funny and unfortunately true. Anyone have a wearable pattern for the Speed Hook & bulky weight yarns?

  16. I have been looking for a pattern like this all night -my 6 year old wants me to make chainmail…

  17. Wow, that top puts 50 pounds on her! poor girl…

  18. dag I just bought a speed hook. Now I really need a pattern. I was cosidering this until u guys killed it!

  19. Suggestion: if you’re determined to crochet an article of clothing with the Speed Hook, try wearing a shirt underneath that matches or harmonizes with the crocheted item. I *KNITTED* the “shopping tunic” out of Twinkle “Big City Knits” [book] on huge knitting needles [I think they were #35 KNITTING needles] , and it looks great with the right shirt underneath. I mean, there’s gotta be hope for the “speed HOOK”!

  20. I actually think it looks okay. Was thinking of making it myself.

  21. Um…maybe I wouldn’t wear it but I could sure use the pattern to make some chain mail for my 9 year old that wants to be a knight for Halloween. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place but if someone could point me to this pattern, I would be really appreciative!!!


  22. Not worthwhile.
    I think its good to practice clothing shaping on…. but… not to wear… theres better pullover patterns out there..

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