Chained Woven Wrap

Is that tree tinsel I see hanging off this thing? Just because you can chain something doesn’t mean you should pick garbage out of the bin and chain it.

30 Comments to “Chained Woven Wrap”

  1. Actually…I thought it looked more like rusty barbed wire. Painful, in so many many ways.

  2. It looks like she tied all her yard or less leavin’s together into the beginnings of an urban ghillie suit.

  3. All I can think of is where’s the dress for the witches costume? Seems very Halloweeny!

  4. What would be the point of this garment! It is absolutely not for warmth since it has huge gaping holes in it and definitely not for elegance since it does look like the ugly scraps we hide at the bottom of our stash.

    So why would anyone wear, let alone take the time to make this!

    I’m amazed! Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Sheesh — what a freaky thing. A wrap, huh? What, exactly, is it “wrapping”? Did it used to be wrapping, is that it? “Oh, what pretty wrapping paper; I wish I could think of a use for it. I just hate to throw this sort of thing away.” I see no redeeming qualities in this.

    I think if you tied all your yard leavin’s together, it would create a bit more visual interest.

  6. WTF is it? That is absolutly horrible! It looks like she crocheted items out of a trash can!

  7. wow, w. t. f. is that model putting her arms through actual sleves on this atrocity, or just poking ’em out of some of the highly practical holes all over it? you’d think that if you took the time to actually *make* something, it wouldn’t be a ratty object that you’d never give a second glance to on the rack. unless you were about to mock it savagely with your friends.

  8. I don’t know what to say! Perhaps, that it is a great conversation piece? I would, perhaps, be cautious about getting too close to somebody who is watering their lawn….

  9. aah, I thought it was made from barbed wire myself and wondered how somebody worked with it..
    it must be for a Halloween costume, right? sort of a dominatrix (sp?) thing maybe?
    it would be a great gift for that person who is always saying “I wish you’d crochet something for me” – if you didn’t like her;)

  10. wow… even the model thinks it’s hideous… just look at her face! the poor thing can’t believe she’s being paid to wear such a fashion disaster!

  11. yuckkkkkkkkkk hope she got paid good for that one….even if ya got good money that is just awlfull…..

  12. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a joke. I mean this does not appear to me to be serious attempt to crochet. This is one of those patterns where the designer said “I don’t really feel like crocheting today. I’ll just let some novelty yarn do the work for me!” And to top it off she chose really hideous novelty yarn. Lazy ass, tasteless designer.

  13. I dunno, could be all right if it were a solid colour, in a fine wool, maybe with some carved shell accents randomly woven through as accents…

    As is though, I can only think it’s a “practise project” to show someone “see, you made something!” without having to give up much of your precious, precious stash.

  14. Where’s the plug on that thing? I’d swear it’s actually woven from several strings of Christmas lights.

  15. This has to be a joke… right? Someone tell me that I’m right! That is so sad…

  16. Maybe it WAS a nice sweater; she is just in serious need of some moth balls!

  17. if you look really closely at this poor woman, she looks like she actually had to be medicated to wear the damn thing. she’s got this creepy “stetford wives” look on her face…..

  18. ben panced – dammit stop giving me ideas… knitting christmas lights would look 10 times better than that thing

  19. This is the coolest site. Truth is not only stranger than, but funnier than, fiction.

  20. She just miss the days when she was a punk and had blue hair?

  21. You know this pattern comes with a tetanus shot.

  22. Madonna, at age eighty?

  23. That reminds me of what my cat did to the bottom of my couch, or perhaps the threads at bottom of my vacuum. I could buy a new couch, and tackle my vacuum, but there’s no excuse for anyone to wear that stuff.

  24. ok, actually… my cat threw up something that looked like this once. it was gross… i picked it up with a paper towel and threw it away…

  25. Ha ha ha, I love the site!

  26. I think my 5th grade art teacher wore something like this.

  27. My first thought was that a rancher’s wife realized it would take a long time to crochet a fence to keep all of their livestock contained, so she turned in into a shawl.

  28. is that supposed to a a wrap or shawl, its so full of holes, why bother even wearing it.

  29. ok so who picked this up off the sidewalk to throw on a model?

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