Purple Braids Wig

This recent submission by a few readers really took the perverbial fug cake! What the h*ll? Lionbrand has gone off the deep end. Is this in preparation for Hallowe’en? I don’t see any reference to the holiday so I guess not. Have they really sunk that low on pattern creation that they truly believe this is going to sell one of their yarns called “Incredible”? This one really should offend all crocheters – just how stupid do they think they are?

Thanks to everyone who submitted this one – quite a few readers found this one!

48 Comments to “Purple Braids Wig”

  1. That wig is part of a bunch of “costumes” for Halloween in their latest email. You should see the Cleopatra costume.

  2. This is in the Lion Brand Halloween costume email. The Cleopatra costume uses white Homespun with fringe for a wig.

  3. I pity the poor people who have to model these – are they at least paid? May be yarn companies are going the way of some celebrities, i.e. negative press is better than no press at all.

  4. Hey, do this in all in black and you’d have your Captain Jack Sparrow costume started. . .

  5. Wow! Did my jaw drop when I saw that. When did Raggedy Ann become a Reggae singer?

  6. It’s perfect – perfect for Halloween night or for a teacher at a nursery school or a day care worker.

  7. Yet another reason why not to smoke pot….especially while crocheting *snicker*

  8. I could see that being so much cooler with knitted i-cord dreads. Snerk.

  9. Halloween costume or not….that’s just wrong! It looks like a balding raggedy ann (who had apparently dabbled in punk for a while, thus the purple color). WOW!

  10. Purple dreads attached to a net skull cap.

    Yes. It is officially time for us to find Lion Brand word headquarters and toilet paper it.

  11. How bord do you have to be to crochet these ugly A#$ wigs? The lady in the pics looks like she’s saying “Shoot Me Now!”

  12. It is one of a group of 6 wigs that was published this week in the Lion Brand newsletter in an article titled ‘Halloween Fun’

  13. My bellydance teacher would LOVE this if we added a few coins … and no, I’m NOT going to show it to her.

  14. I can understand if it’s for halloween – but if it’s to be taken seriously then that’s a whole other issue 😉

  15. And it’s longer in the front than in the back…..it looks like that skein of yarn my kitten got into one day while I was at work, and proceeded to tear into with all his kittenish glee. Thank you LB for another classic example of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

  16. I would rather make Sam the Pirate, button eyes and all. Is the pattern ready to go? Who’s got the pattern?

  17. I wouldn’t dare show my kids this, they would want me to make it in bright pink or green or something. Too funny! I LOVE your blog, some of this stuff is unreal!! Thanks for the laugh!

  18. I like it! But obviously not in purple, and with longer and many more braids.

    Could anyone tell me where I could get the pattern please – its exactly what I’m looking for – I’m not joking.

    As a man I have the problem of having to have short boring hair to work, yet wanting to wear long cyber hair for clubbing. This could solve the problem. I really am seriously interested in getting the pattern.

    I am sorry ladies, for being a man. Can’t help it, I was born this way. If I had a choice, I think I would seriously prefer to have been a woman……

  19. OMFG…this is why, when you tell people you crochet, you see their lips curl in disgust.

  20. I have now found the pattern, and on the Lion Brand newsletter there are two other wigs I prefer better. Thanks. cyberpunkman xxx

  21. the sad part is someone will make this and i will see this on halloween.

  22. amazing – I want one 🙂

  23. There’s a style sheet on these wigs at Hancock Fabrics, along with all the Lion Brand you could possibly want to make them. Y’know it’s hard to indicate heavy sarcasm in writing? Let’s just say they are ALL fab-u-licious.

  24. Oh dear.

    Just found this page. Am in doubt: should I laugh or cry?
    Doesn’t matter, both are good for the soul.

    Anyway, it’s not like I’m able to disgrace crocheting anymore. Got myself a golfer’s elbow because of it.

    (any typos, grammatical mistakes, and/or lame jokes may be adscribed to the whole english-not-being-my-native-language thing)

  25. Hey, i kin dof like this one. In white, and with some red puffballs, it would make an excellent Flying Spaghetti Monster hat.

  26. In the words of Bob Marley…This could be fug, it be fug


  28. What is this world coming to? I mean for pete’s sake…….not everything you own has to be crocheted, venture out of the house and buy a damn wig!!

  29. I could totally see alterna-teens wearing these, with more braids, many more colours.

  30. I can totally see this being made in insane colours and being worn to raves – it’d be right at home next to all those rainbow-puke bracelets.

  31. I like it. I think I could have lots of fun with creating variations on this theme.

  32. nice try, but you can’t match You Knit What? You’re not funny enough and some of the items you cite aren’t that bad. It’s all a matter of taste.

  33. Maenwyn…who said WNTC was trying to be like YKW? If you don’t find this blog either funny or as funny as YKW why do you bother to visit? Turn the page – duh.

  34. what the f*** is that thing…..it looks like my moms mop… or a purple punk wig…only shorter…*sigh* who could get this bord WHO!!! i must no!!!!

  35. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  36. Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!

  37. I work with a girl who actually wears something similar to this!!! Everyone tells her its “nice”, but I think they are just being nice.

  38. If I was bald or had chemo, or both, I’d laugh and feel good wearing something like that. You all are shallow, and dispassionate, and unimaginative.

  39. Wow joy…everyone’s entitled to their opinions just like you.

  40. Joy,

    Please do not encourage the bald men of the world to wear this wig. They’ll be doomed to eternal singledom. Furthermore, people who have had chemo deserve better than this ugly wig. Jeez! Show a little sensitivity.

  41. First of all I’m loving your blog..

    Second…this IS a halloween pattern and I used it with Red heart ww black thread and and didn’t braid them all. It made an excellent little wig for my six year old. (captain Jack Sparrow) Other then that I totaly see your point.

  42. Actually I used this with black to make a wig for my 6 year old pirate costume…it works fine for that…and yes the picture is a bit rediculous. I at least covered his head with a bandana and a hat!

  43. Actually, I found this website because I wanted to learn how to crochet a wig for my Mom who is battling a rather severe battle with cancer right now. The usual wigs that she can afford (the artificial hair one) are uncreative, itchy, ugly things, and the real hair wigs are apparently hot and heavy from what we heard. I thought it would be wonderful to create a beautiful, creative, colorful wig for her that would match her creative spirit. (She is an artist.) Sometimes if you look at something from a different angle, it can be quite inspiring, and bring clarity to the human experience. I will search for the person who made this fabulous purple wig, and go from there. Thanks for pointing the way. 🙂

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