Dread Pirate Sam

This whole crochet amigurumi thing has really exploded lately and granted, there are some really cute ones out there and well-made ones but this one scares the be-jeebers right out of me! It is pretty creative, I’ll give the designer that but it’s all about the finer details when deciding what’s good or bad amigurumi. Some of those finer details that pushed it over the edge:

  • Buttons for eyes – tacky.
  • Strings hanging off the belt – tacky.
  • Two strands of who knows what in the hair – tacky.
  • Weird drawn on mouth – tacky.

Some of you may like it and that’s okay too – the pattern will be for sale soon if you’re interested.

50 Comments to “Dread Pirate Sam”

  1. I tried to make my own Jack Sparrow but gave up after the head looked so scary. Our darn happy meal people wouldn’t give us one either. I get the eye’s though, it’s not possible to get black eye shaddow on a google eye in a craft store. Not the worst project here, but it is indeed creative.

  2. WNTC, you’re right! If the designer had taken as much care with the facial features and the hair, this little guy would be adorable. I am tempted to purchase the pattern and make the needed improvements. I know loads of kids that would love to add a pirate to their toy collection.

    The weight of that hair would break the neck of the doll. I wonder what they did to keep his head upright?

  3. Those eyes….those eyes…..I think I’m under their spell!

  4. IT is a cute idea, just needs refinment is all!

  5. I think the concept is interesting, the execution, not so good. I have to agree with MoonSHine about geting the pattern and tweaking it, but I’m weird anyway.

  6. I’m not a real Johnny Depp fan (please don’t hate me) but I personally think it looks just like him!!

  7. WOO HOO I made the site!!

  8. ps, he doesn’t have a mouth just a moustach and goatee

  9. I think its really cute and inventive!

  10. what’s not to like about hunky Jack Sparrow? I must have him.even if it just in doll form!.hehe………….

  11. I think he is perfect as jack sparrow and a very complex doll design. good on the designer she makes beautiful stuff on etsy and this is another fine example of her work.
    The costume and hair are great.

  12. It looks EXACTLY like Jack Sparrow! Rock on Amy =) xox

  13. It’s a damned good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I laid eyes on that! I would have one seriously shorted-out keyboard by now.

    Frankly, I’m not at all certain how Johnny Depp managed to keep HIS head upright, what with the weight of all those freaking dreadlocks and beads and crap. The weight of the make-up alone could have caused some major muscle strain. . .

  14. I really like it! It’s very cute and creative.

  15. Seems to me like you are all upset because you can’t even fathom how to go about making this. If its done so horribly wrong why don’t you hold a contest to see who can do better? I mean honestly how many of you can actually crochet, yet alone make your own patterns. And as to the strings hanging off the belt, the objects in his hair – go see the movie and http://www.boonesanimals.com/monkey-jack-sparrow.html – in this picture you can see two pieces of “who knows what” it the real actors hair. The designer has real attention for detail it would seem.

  16. This would make sense if Captain Jack were a detested character, like Jar Jar Binks, for instance.

    But who needs a Jack Sparrow voo doo doll?

  17. that is so totally Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow… personally I like it that Amy didn’t go for those godawful googly eyes. Is there a link to Amy’s site?

  18. I just have to respond to Carrie’s comment and say a big BOOHOO to her…LOL I’ve said it before…read the fine print of this website…some will like the stuff on here and it’s not a personal attack just because someone else doesn’t…DUH again….even the designer was happy to have just made the site…kudos to her!  The “cute and creative” comments make it here too…duh!

  19. This looks like the one I saw on Crochetville that everyone there loves! The designer has had many requests for people to be pattern testers. I’m happy and proud to say that I am on the list to be one of those pattern testers once she finishes writing the pattern. This is a wonderful design, and does not belong here at all.

  20. What is it with us westerners?! – we take the cute and perfect concept of an amigurumi and we ruin it completely. That’s not an amigurumi – it’s a doll! (of the kind my nanna used to make us at Christmas time. They gave me the creeps)

  21. I’m sorry, call me an ignorant know-nothing, but Jack here seems to be one of the least offensive of this amigurumi fad….JMHO..and worth every red cent! 😉

    I TRULY want to understand…

    Seems everywhere I look, there are pages of patterns for various cute and
    weird little creatures. Can we truly BE that far from just turning them into
    (somewhat useful) T.P. caddies?

    I mean really, unless you have a LOT of kids you can distribute them amonst, what do you DO with them?

  22. CREEPY absolutely, positively CREEPY.

  23. I have someone interested in the pattern for Sam. When and where can she get it? Double Woo Hoo for Amy!

  24. My daughter’s best friend would love this! She has a major crush on Jack Sparrow.

  25. Those eyes… they look like he passed out or is a zombie… Perhaps if she had used homespun for the hair… and something else for the eyes,…and even then…

  26. hahaha, your very own squashy Depp for home or office use! what’s not to love? now to synergize all the theories, and tweak the pattern of his face while making him into a jaunty tp cozy…

  27. I love the Pirate!!! I can hardly wait to make my own. He’s fabulous.

  28. I LOVE this doll! I’ve been a huge fan of Johnny D’s since the early 80’s. I love the PoTC movies and think this is really cute!! I’ll buy the pattern no problem!! Kudos to Amy!!

  29. I think it’s fantastic. A great job–and the only thing tacky is your criticism–it would have been easy to lampoon this piece in a creative and funny way, but just calling it tacky is such a cop-out.

  30. I love it and will be buying the pattern to make one of my own- great job Amy!

  31. I love it! it looks like the real johnny, or Jack

    Very crafty!

  32. I think it’s cute in a weird, creepy kind of way. Just like the real Captain Jack…

  33. Love it! Well done! Lots of great little touches. I could imagine it on an alter-ego blog, “What Should Be Crocheted”. Or maybe on “What Not to Crochet” on Opposite Day.
    Some of my favorite amigurumi have a weird or slightly creepy or misfit look, so to me it has part of the amigurumi style.
    (I don’t know when Opposite Day is unless I ask my 7yr old.)

  34. This site is hilarious, but I’ll have to stick up for this one. I LOVE this doll. I have since the moment I saw it.

  35. I dig it. You can do a lot worse with crocheting.

  36. okay, amy, so when are you going to make a pattern for the monkey? btw, think of all the joys of having your own jack sparrow in your house….love it

  37. LOVE Jack Sparrow and this pattern. It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen on here (come on, pasties?!?). Amazing resemblence to the real Jack Sparrow!

  38. **wiping eyes**

    OMG, that gave me a *good laugh* !!!
    Okay, seriously now…*where* is this pattern for sale??? I have *several* people into the “POTC” (Johnny fans mostly!!), and I think thry’d get a “kick” out of having “Little Sparrow” dolls !!!



  39. i want the pattern too! where is it? where can i buy it? it’s cute! and very creative!

  40. Love him to pieces! And congrats, Amy, on making the site … what a boon to sales it must have been!

  41. I so want that pattern. I love it, but I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan so I’m a bit weird that way.

    I, however, can see why a person would find it rather creepy and weird looking.

  42. I love it, too! My sister is a Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow fan, as are two girlfriends. I just bought mine.
    Can’t wait to start!

  43. I love it tooooo!!!! I think it’s absolutely precious. How anyone could find fault in it is beyond me!

  44. Where can I buy the pattern? I’m new to crochet and I know I’ll make a terrible example but I might as well start with something fun enough to want to finish it. Thanks!

  45. Oh, and whatnottochochet, I read some of your (rather defensive) replies to people’s comments and I have to say that maybe you should get someone to help you write some more funny stuff because you could really use some help there. Other than that, great job on the site!

  46. I bought the pattern around a year ago, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere right now. 😦

    I’ve been working on it very slowly (an hour a week with my knitting group at work), and I’ve completed all the parts of the body – starting in on the clothes now. It is quite a challenge, but it’s a very cool project.

  47. Oh, bugger. I agree that a Jack Sparrow plushie (OMG I wanna hold him!) is a good idea, but not this one. This is scary. I am guilty of having sewn the entire cast in wool felt (including Kraken!) and of plotting a parody in Anthrovision, but this is too evil even for me.

  48. Took me a year and a half, but I finally finished my own Dread Pirate Sam, and everyone whose seen it thinks it’s adorable. So there. 😉

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