To go with the outfit below in case you wanted to match! Doesn’t the model look a bit mischievous like “geez, I really had to wear this to get the paycheque but wow, it’s hideous isn’t it?? But shhhhh, I won’t say anything if you don’t!”

The pattern says it will take about 2 hours to make – not sure it’s worth that much time if this is the end product!


18 Comments to “Ponchette”

  1. What is the practicle use of this item? It only keeps your neck and shoulders warm. But it also looks like you have to pull that tight neckline over the head. Which, in this case, all those fuzzy little pieces of yarn will now be in your hair.

    So, it’s pointless AND ugly.

  2. My monosyllabic responses would sound like something out of “The Jetson”:

    Ewww. Eek. Aarrpp. Ugh. Ummm. Ack. Phew. Barf. Eck.

    Or the way my cat sounds when hocking up a hairball, which is rather what this resembles, anyway.

  3. Looks like someone didn’t feel like finishing the sweater she started and then tried to tell herself that it looked good as is.

  4. It took two hours? If I had made this shedding piece of shite I would stomp right on over to the yarn company’s headquarters and demand they give back the two hours they ripped from my life.

    It’s hot, it’s humid, and I’m cranky. So there.

  5. Oh man. Wearing ugliest scarf in the world would be less humiliating than wearing this fug. And it’s that confetti fun fur, too, which manages to be even uglier than regular fun fur. I absolutely detest that crap.

  6. I keep looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, and…. 😉 trying to find some beauty in it. Trying to imagine WHAT can be done with a yarn like that… My son would say, “It’s just *wrong*!!”

    And I would have to agree.

  7. ok the yarn has a use as making something for a little girl (not a coat) but maybe a boa or something.

    or an animal bed if you werent afraid of said animal chewing on it and getting it caught in their digestive system

    otherwise this yarn is pointless the turtleneck dickie is pointless and ugly.

    and i cant believe it took 2 hours to make. its so not worth it

  8. Speaking of cats – if you don’t have yours declawed then you can train it to use this thing as a scratch post, and add the cat as a docorative feature (it will naturally hang from your neck). Some people wear cockroaches, why not start a wearable cat scratch post including a cat trend. Then again, that would be more uncomfortable than the fun fur itself. But, there are some masochists in this world.

  9. yuck this is awful!!it makes her neck look so big!

  10. You’re totally right about the model…
    I know this picture will NEVER be in her portfolio…

  11. If Baba Bush had this item she could have given the multi strand pearls a rest in the
    winter time. It’s the perfect disguise for those out of control neck wattles. I’d rather
    have ’em laughin’ at my SCARF anyday!

    I’m hanging ONTO this one..for “someday” !

  12. i have to agree it looks like some cat threw up on her neck the psychedelic color or awful fun fur yarn

  13. what if this is a cover for something much worse?

  14. BTW, fug fans—You Knit What? has succumbed to blogger’s block, so check it out while you still can. The archives will stay up for quite a while, and there are already some spin-offs. We’ll miss them, and we salute them for bravely exposing all the criminal acts committed with yarn, needles, and the occasional fun fur trims.

    (Softly blows “Taps” on the kazoo. . .)


  15. A cover for something worse? You mean there’s a knitted necklace under there? Or an even smaller ponchette? (And would that be called a ponchette-ette???)

  16. lol,hwo would make this its awful,

  17. Is Ponchette a code word for “I ran out of ugly yarn?”

  18. I don’t really think this one is all that bad. unfortunately stuff made with hair this long is horrible about matting. I’ve discovered that also., Your going to have to brush it everytime you but it on.

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