Perky Pom Hats

Ha ha!  Gotta love a hat with what looks like slugs dangling off the top of your head!  It actually wouldn't be too bad of a hat if you removed those weird things off the top portion of this hat.  Not sure what they are supposed to represent or how they are supposed to make this hat nicer?  It looks like a mistake to me…how are those things hanging anyways?  Are they crocheted right into the hat or added later?  Yikes!

Thanks to Christy for pointing this one out!

30 Comments to “Perky Pom Hats”

  1. It looks like brain noodles are coming out of her head!

  2. They look like they are crochetted in, based on the lower one.

    I do not see anything “perky” here, nor do I see any “pom’s” here, just things that I cannot find the appropriate words to describe.

  3. Wow! I actually did a double-take! Woah, I see they couldn’t even get a live model to agree to wear it. Slugs! Or maybe sprouting mushrooms?

  4. Huh?!? Yuck, yuck, yuck. Even with the protrusions gone – I’d have to say ixnay on those colors.

  5. … those things make it look like she has male genetalia attacking her head

  6. Those have to be crochet’d in… the stripes go around them.


    The whole affair frightens me.

  7. *ROTFLOL* I was thinking the same thing tuffie… nothing like dangling, colorful penis’ !

  8. It looks like sea tubers of some sort sprouting from her head.

  9. Observe the cycle of nature. She sits so very still that passing sea life attaches itself to her hat.

    Her head has become a new coral reef.

  10. Day-um! Is this “coming soon to a sci-fi channel near you”?

  11. Hmmm, but would it make a great party hat for Marti Gras? LOL

  12. I’d LOVE to see the pattern. I imagine it goes a lil’
    something like this:

    “First, manufacture several of the organic barnacle/ designer doohickey swirls” or OBDDS’s

    (REMINDER: this is for your OWN use only, sales are prohibited by law)

    (I’m certain the designer has a much more
    elegant name for those things sticking out of her hat by now.)

    Proceed with hat, before adding ornamentation…using your eye for color and composition to get as near to the sample as possible.

    It’s almost like a Mini Voog…very mini.

  13. “Observe the cycle of nature. She sits so very still that passing sea life attaches itself to her hat.

    Her head has become a new coral reef. ”

    Brilliant, Severina. Of course said in a Jacques Cousteau voice.

  14. I just want to grab the designer by the lapels, shake them, and shriek “They’re NOT POMS!!!”

    But what the heck are they???

  15. Of course, Buttercup, a Jacques Cousteau voice by way of Spongebob Squarepants!

  16. perspective. it’d be a great hat to say you have to wear to keep you warm and hide the nail gun accident injuries.

  17. wow. definately brain parasites struggling to be free of her plastic head, notice the vacant stare on the face of the model. i can NOT imagine any reason for an actual person to wear this bizarre concoction, including halloween, punk-high school-rage, or severe mental damage. wow.

  18. This is probably someone’s idea of “quirky”….one of those same knitting industry people that still use the word “hip”
    well I gotta say..I live in a mountain country community where quirky headgear is standard and NO ONE would be caught dead in this abomination

  19. iit looke like someone spilled toxic waste on her already ugly hat and ….stuff….grew out of it!!


  20. This could be used as the “TIME OUT HAT” for when your wee one gets out of line, that would be a horrid punishment, put on the WORM “TIME OUT HAT.” lolol!! Or would it be child abuse? lolol!

  21. … actually – it is the … er … things … that are the best part of this hat … they are kind of weird … in an “ugly but interesting” way … but oh those stripes! yuck … one could almost “loose your lunch” if you had to look at those for too long …
    hmmm … if that hat was done in just one colour … or some colours that actually go together … and those dangly things were just a wee bit longer … and maybe some fluffy edges on them (yes there IS a use for furry/fluffy yarn 😉 … I think I could come up with a version of this that I like … LOL
    I can’t gaurantee that anyone else would like it though – it would be weird – but I LIKE weird (why else do you think I clicked on a link to a blog called “what not to crochet”? LOL

  22. I have to agree with Andrea. That is the singularly most ugly and yet still the most interesting hat I’ve ever seen. I’m almost (ALMOST) tempted to make one myself in alien-grays to make those so-called poms look more sluglike. Maybe with little magenta eyes x’d on for gruesome color? Or fun fur tips!! At least my son would wear it then. I can’t stop laughing, it’s the novelty of something that horrible, I think!

  23. Ew. Definately phallic. It looks like an ad for colored condoms.

  24. It looks like a multi-colored egg being invaded by sperm.

  25. Heck, I thought my dog had been trying to bury her Wish Bones again!

  26. Yup. Coral reef. A portion of the sales goes to the marine conservation Society, so stock up on seafood while you still can.

  27. Maybe “pom” stands for something…

  28. OMg, someone really needs to take this girl to the hospital, she has mushrooms growing out of her head,.

  29. Ahahaha! I won’t even TELL you what I thought those things were at first ^_^

    Severina, that was great XD I imagined the Cousteau voice as well…

  30. looks like those deep-sea tube worms to me, you know, the ones by the super-hot volcanic vents in the middle of the ocean.
    I did a double-take on the way they’re inderted between the stripes, too. Weird. And definitely not Poms of any kind.

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