Tissue Box Covers

Of any kind really…including this one! I have never quite got the point of them…why would you want to cover up your tissue box? Is it that hideous that it needs to be covered? Or is it just an excuse to crochet something simple?

And yes, it is off Annie's Attic again…just to save you the click… πŸ™‚

56 Responses to “Tissue Box Covers”

  1. Now appearing at the gift shop at your local nursing home, as well as your church bazaar. . .

  2. ……..i really dont know what to say……

  3. I can remeber mt granny having these. But, then again she had a cover for everything.
    A fuzzy cover on the toilet seat, toilet lid and toilet tank cover.
    A cover for the toaster, the blinder, and a dress on the dish liquid.
    I can even remember a TP cover and all the doileys that covered every chair arm and table.
    No wonder I have issues….

  4. tissue covers –what a waste of time! Give me a break!

  5. This is very hideous….the only thing I like about it are the colors. But I would never use them like this. I do find this pattern very funny. I guess it’s free for a reason.

  6. yes I’m another one that never really got the covers for tissues or loo rolls or sauce / wine bottles or those little covers for purse-pack tissues… there must be simple, quick ideas suitable for bazaars etc that are NOT either totally pointless or hideous or both

  7. I believe this is a signal to call Dr. Kevorkian…

  8. This is ugly. Very true.

    That said, I have made things along these lines. Each toilet in my house has a simple runner across the toilet tank with a toilet roll cover (single color scheme here – blue runner with white roll cover, etc) The main reason is that there is no place to keep an extra roll of TP anywhere else close by. No flowers or other type stuff.

    I did made one of those animals with the huge skirts to cover a roll for my grandmother (her’s was a cat) but that fits in an old lady’s house.

    The ONLY reason I could see making one of these things (but not one this ugly) is so that it matches the color of the room and is NON-INTRUSIVE. Say a soft, solid color so that no matter what pattern the tissue company comes out with, it always matches the room.

  9. i need an intervention. i have a sushi tp roll cover. i think it’s cute.

    but that’s all.

    my quick and easy thing to do for rummage sales are fun-fur catnip mice. a good disposal method for fun fur. gives me happiness watching the cats attack it.

    • It’s O.K. I confess to designing a poised apple T.P. cover for my disney Villian themed bathroom. If you have to have the spare roll out might as well make someone laugh.

  10. Interesting concept, covering hideous with hideous.
    Wow, that Annie’s Attic is a wealth of piss poor designs.

  11. The only tissue cover I ever saw that I liked was one that looked like a turtleneck sweater (the tissue would come out of the turtleneck part). And even I would probably not actually make it….

  12. ha ha! I was just thinking the other day I should crochet some covers for all the stray rolls of TP sitting around the house which I use in lieu of Kleenex – maybe I could adapt this one somehow … πŸ˜‰



  15. It’s like those toilet paper dollies, no one will ever know you use toilet paper or tissues if you crochet something to cover them.

  16. Sad to say, but I crocheted a tissue box cover for my invalid grandfather when I was about 12 years old. He liked the darn thing so much that he always had it with him on or near his wheelchair. It’s in every picture of him we took after I gave it to him as a gift. And it wasn’t even as nice as the one in the picture.

    My point? I don’t know. Except maybe these silly things make good gifts for invalid grandparents.

  17. This particular design is ugly. My grandmother always had a TP cover that looked like a doll with a huge southern belle dress on – and I loved it! I haven’t made one for my bathroom, but I will someday πŸ™‚ As for the tissue box cover – I like the idea that you can always have a tissue box to match your room rather than the ugly patterns/colors the companies use for their boxes. JM2C πŸ˜‰

  18. I agree with you on the reason to crochet one. It is just something easy, it is tempting, but WHY? I think there is a pattern somewhere, to coverup everything in the entire house, so you could live in a totally crocheted home! I think I will crochet around my DH while he is asleep, then he will always be warm and quiet!! I will make sure I make a large hole where his mouth is to feed him. LOLOL!!!

  19. with those colors it looks like puke.

  20. they are very useful though πŸ˜‰

  21. Hi

    Came accross this and for all its ‘kitch’ i have to say I WANT THE PATTERN.

    note to readers, happily ‘married’ 36yo queen who has just brought first home with ‘husband’ and wants to camp up the home (husband not aware of plan!)

    anyone who could help me would be first on the list to recieve one if i manage to make it!

  22. Meara,
    Do you have a pattern for dolls that cover toilet paper that look like they have the southern bell at the bottom? I have been looking for that pattern, but haven’t been able to find it. I would love to have it . Let me know if you can help me.

  23. Honestly, I need tissue box covers because I usually wind up squishing the boxes into weird shapes, and they look ew. Tge covers can be used to cover my clutzy dumbness.

  24. All:

    Here’s a pattern for a toilet paper dolly. I’ve never crocheted before, but I’m trying one now as a gag gift.


  25. Buttercup, I’ve seen the sushi cover and I think it’s cool. Have also seen a white thread boutique tissue box cover — understated and attractive — and it was something I’d rather look at than a cardboard box.

  26. I found this site when I was looking for “toilet roll covers” (I was trying to figure out what the point of them was…)

    I never had the Kleenex box things either. I think my grandmother did though.

    But seriously, what is the deal with toilet roll covers?


    I mean, is it just for the spare roll? Or is it for the one that is in constant use? I’m confused…

    We always keep any spare rolls in the cabinet or on a shelf. The one that is “in use” is on the dispenser doohickey. I don’t have any particular urge to dress up any of my spare rolls as hats or dolls, but apparently some people feel this need. Even in fantastically overly-made up houses that I’ve visited, I’ve not noticed anyone’s toilet paper roll covers. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing that I haven’t encountered yet…

    The kids have a tendency to smash tissue dispensers… so I can kind of see having a reinforcing “box” to put on it…but it would probably have to be made of something sturdier than crochet to survive the kid’s usage of it… Not that I’m particularly worried. When its no longer cold season, the tissue boxes go away anyway.

  27. I love this cover. Little details like this around the house let your personality shine through. If you had a cover like this, in pastel colours for Spring, or black and white for the Fall or Christmas glitter when the time is right at your office desk…you would like it.

  28. WOW, I LOVE the tissue covers. I must admi, the one shownisn’t the best one I have ever seen, but someone liked it I am sure!

  29. I really like it! I am looking around for tissue box covers to make and I might go and check out this free pattern πŸ™‚

  30. I’m still looking for a tissue box cover that I saw a long time ago. It was at a JC Penney catalog office located at a Thrift Drug Store. It housed a rectangular tissue box (180″s size). It was a quilted house, and the tissues came out of the roof. It was really sweet. Have yet to see its twin.

  31. The only thing that has eternal life besides heaven. Just when I thought they all died in the resale graveyard, someone actually wants to make one.

  32. Wow. And to think, I saw one made out of “Crazy Daisies”.

  33. Hey, Annie, that crap is in your attic for a REASON!

  34. I don’t really think a tissue cover is a nessicary thing but i do think the colors and pattern are pretty.

  35. Looks like granny squares to me…ugh. I’d rather have one that looks like sushi πŸ˜€

  36. My goal is to cozy everything I can, to include door knobs. I will also have crocheted towel hanger thingies in my kitchen, and a plastic bag keeper. I like the grandmotherly kitsch of it all…
    No dolls, though. I didn’t even play with them when I was little, so I’m not going to decorate my house with them. πŸ™‚

  37. I like them to hold together the tissue boxes that my children have crushed, lol.

  38. Well, to those who wonder why anyone would want to cover a box of tissues I’ll tell you that I actually stumbled onto this site while searching for a pattern for a tissue box (but the rectangular ones) because I cannot always get a box in the color to match the room, especially the L/R where I must keep one because I have nasal allergies and it would be so much easier to pick a box of any color. But sadly, so far most patterns I see for just about everything are not at all to my liking because they’re either too old fashioned, too bulky, clunky, bizarre and/or tacky. I guess if I don’t find one I can always try making one by myself even if it takes me way longer since I’m really not an “expert”…

  39. I can’t believe there’s a whole conversation going here about tissue covers, how i came across this i don’t know.

    In my opinion, some tissue covers are cute and some are hideous. Same with everything else to be honest.

    But are they necessary? Who cares? If People actually pay for them then yes. Someones makin money outta it.

  40. Aside from tissue box covers, does anyone have a simple pattern for a large toaster oven cover and/or a breadmaker cover? No cows, daisies, apples, etc. …. just a solid color, plain cover pattern. Can’t seem to find anything suitable anywhere!
    Thank you for any direction/info on this!

  41. It’s very beautifull. Can I have the pattren? Thanks.

  42. It’s such a good idea to crochet a tissue box cover. I use tissues all the time :).


  43. I like tissue toppers. Nothing wrong with honing a skill and making your tissues purty.

  44. It’s cute! Cute is always needed and appropriate!

  45. I absolutely love it!!!! Please find the pattern and send it to me – please. I am serious.

  46. I like tissue covers; very kitchy…..not this one particularly, but why not make my tissue box look like a fire hydrant or a typewriter??

  47. I almost crapped my pants when my mother asked me to please make her a toilet paper cover for the bathroom in her new house. I’m seriously dragging my feet on this because A) they are not old enough to have this in their home, and B) I don’t really want my skill to be associated with tp covers. ICK!!!

  48. I’ve never made a tissue box cover or really a cozy for anything but a coke can but I can understand why someone would want one. It is just another way to show how creative you can be or to show off your talent or just work on a particular stitch and it can be used for practice. I don’t think this particular one is ugly..just a little busy but it isn’t bad. And Annies Attic has some cute stuff for the freebies and so far most of them and even a lot of what she sells I’ve seen published in magazines or books before she put them on her website. I say if you don’t like how the item looks then just move on. No need to post about how horrible you think it is.

  49. What’s wrong with it?? It’s called home decor. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s stupid or pointness. That’s like asking what the point of curtians are when you have blinds or why do you have pictures on your walls. Or even painted walls for that matter. A lot of the things you make fun of someone worked hard on.

  50. I make tissue box covers – a lot of them actually, considering they’re all for my own house. I have a set of them I use most of the time that go with the decor in the room they’re in so I never have to care what color boxes I pick up at the store, and I have a nearly full set of winter holiday covers (Christmas is a big deal at my house). Not a single one of them is crocheted though. I think my favorites are the ones I made for my son’s bedroom and bathroom.

    This one is a little busy for my taste, but I’m sure it suits someone.

  51. It’s just something to talk about. Some people really have strong feelings about this piece of crochet and to me that is very funny. I’ts really not something to get all twitchy about. I really don’t think it’s that bad, but then I have a pink poodle on my roll… because I have a sense of humor and because my mom used to have one that I loved as a child. In fact I used her pattern to make mine!

    The poodle paper is not on the spare roll…it is on the emergency roll! The few times my husband has had to use it he has been very happy we have it. He is not into froo froo at all but he has no problems with the poodle. He couldn’t care less one way or the other what is around the paper. He will tell me he had to use the poodle paper or I will find the poor poodle empty and flat and know I’d better get some paper out of the garage where we keep it. We keep several rolls in the cabinet, but with lots of people using the bathrooms you don’t really know when someone has pulled the last roll out, but when you see the empty cover…you know.

  52. Lordy, I think it is so pretty! But it needs some beads and purple ribbon or something to make me really smile.

  53. Just remember one person’s hideous is another persons beautiful. If u don’t like it don’t make it. I’m so thankful we don’t all have the same taste. HOW BOOOORING THAT WOULD BE!!!

  54. Don’t knock it, got an order for one at a bazaar yesterday.


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