Wow, I haven't posted a mat before on this site but this one is just about right! Is it a bath mat or what? Another winner from Annie's Attic.

In fact, here's the link…may as well just go there from now on because they pretty much write this blog daily:

Annie's Attic – Pattern of the Day

Don't believe me? Seriously, check it out on any given day and you'll be sure to run into something that should be posted here.

Thanks Mary for submitting this one!

17 Responses to “Mats”

  1. How the heck are you supposed to play jacks on something like that anyway??

  2. I don’t care WHAT yarn you make that from—it’ll STILL resemble multi-coloured AstroTurf!!!

    Gack! Choke! Wheeze! Urp!

  3. Sea anenomes?

  4. Yup. The first thing I thought of was that it would be impossible to play jacks on that.

    Maybe you rest your ass on it and throw the jacks on the bare floor?

    Or you lose them in the camoflage pile and Mommy steps on them? That’s how you learn new words.

  5. For some reason I think I could throw a nerf ball at it and it would stick.

  6. I go to Annie’s Attic daily to see what the free pattern is.

    About one in thirty gets downloaded. The rest, as you correctly pointed out, belong right here.

    I really don’t know what the editor is thinking.

  7. heh i was thinking it would make a great bath mat for my daughter but it looks too time consuming.

    also it looks better for pastel checkers then jacks

  8. I almost liked that mat. And then I thought, “If I wanted to latch-hook a rug, I would get latch-hook canvas, and not put the energy into crocheting the mesh.”

    Patterns saved for the year: still about 10, and it sounds like I may be ahead of a lot of you. 🙂

  9. Yeah…what I couldn’t believe were the numbers of people who I caught raving about how cute it was. Cute? What?

  10. Tribbles? A mat made of tribbles. Wow.

  11. I’d always thought yarn was too soft for rugs. I can see some little kid dragging this around the house like Linus.

  12. If you are going to make a yarn rug, you have to mix nylon with the yarn to keep it from being too soft. I have made a few small ones for things like to set the pet food dishes on, back door, etc for the sole purpose of being able to throw them in the washer when they got dirty.

    But this??? Too much effort for something that ugly. I could also see catching my heels in the loose rings. (I do not wear heels often enough to remember to not step on that rug. lol)

    I know! Put rubber on the back of it and use it to kneel on while gardening! That’s the only place I could see it…

  13. OMG i went to that website today and they have babies with no faces on there!!! why would you make that for you child. to give them nightmares

  14. No toilet seat covers? Especially the ones that cover the part of the seat you sit on!!!!!
    The silly things have caused many a serious groin injury. It’s the main reason I don’t live with my sister!
    She has entire outfits for the loo!!!

  15. Hey, Annie, that crap is in your attic for a REASON!

  16. Why would you want to put all of that hard work into something thats going to get walked all over and get dirty.


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