1 Penny Ponchos

Uh, ya, the leaflets for these two ponchos cost a whopping 1 cent each! Seriously, if you're looking through patterns and saw this one and it said "buy the yarn and these two leaflets will cost you 1 cent each" would that compel you to buy the yarn knowing you'd only have to pay a penny for these patterns? How exactly is this a selling point for the yarn? Bad marketing…badddd marketing…LOL

Is it just me or does the model look wider in the one with flowers on it?? Oh shoot, maybe she does in both! I thought black was supposed to be slimming? Wow – just what every woman wants – to make something to make her look wider!!

17 Comments to “1 Penny Ponchos”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the one on the right looks like a fishnet covered with coasters made by someone’s kindergarten class?

  2. Daenna – I see it! I see it! I was t hinking “fishnet, and … flowers?”

  3. They’re not horrible, at least the one on the left- I’ve seen worse (the prior post, for instance). But, I agree with Daenna about the flowered one on the right. But I think these people need to get that the whole poncho thing is just about over. The pattern marketers ate it up while ponchos were cool (they lasted a good 3 years – decent enough lifetime for any trend). Now what will they do?

  4. Nahhhhh, Daenna. It’s just one of those rare instances of the colour black not only failing to be slimming, but to look as unsophisticated as possible.

  5. I am now severely tired of the afghan-with-a-neck-hole look.

    The only good thing about it is that it will snag on something and closeline this poor woman as she’s running to the bus. Hopefully I will be there to see it.

    My life would then be complete.

  6. This remains a mystery to me.

    (BTW….thanks for pointing out the coasters Daenna)..they
    were THERE but I just couldn’t “see” them until you
    pointed them out..good “catch”!

    I digress…

    I know scores of us have signed
    the “no poncho pledge”, and others have the common sense
    not to wear them anyway.

    Frankly, I don’t live in an area known for its’ fashion forward reputation, yet even I don’t SEE these
    things crossing streets, having a latte’, attempting to catch a bus…which begs the question: Where ARE all of the tons of yarn and stacks of poncho patterns being worn?

    Do you see them near where YOU live?

    if not….

    Is there a strange but very LARGE cult somewhere?

    Enough pondering. Perhaps I can sell an article based upon
    “Making afghans from ponchos”..just in case even the CULT
    has grown weary of them too!

    (who’ll obviously do anything for a buck)

  7. And maybe once ponchos are phased out, can we start on shrugs? Please? Or at least start calling them “half a jackets”?

  8. This site is hilarious! I’ve always crocheted rectangles (afghans, washcloths, etc.) because of the scary, scary patterns out there.

    A poncho is never a good thing. Had one my grandmother made me when I was a kid in the seventies. I was perpetually trapped in its stringy web.

  9. Shrugs at least keep your arms warm and are quite a bit less embarassing than ponchos. Ponchos tend to look like you’ve been to the half-price bin at a thrift store.

    Seriously, ponchos have looked like ass since the hippie days.

  10. Like I can talk. I’ve never even owned a shrug. 🙂

  11. I see some ponchos around Portland. The poncho thing (and the shrug thing too) is a bit weird. I saw them both first at least 5 years ago in more edgy stores, but no one wore them. And then like last year, they were suddenly everywhere. I blame Martha for the poncho thing. In practice they’re problematic (at least in PDX) because if it’s cool enough to wear one, it’s probably raining and you need a coat… but you can’t wear a coat with a poncho!

    Ponchos are way out now though. It’s interesting how the craft-publishing industry is so slow to catch on.

    These aren’t the worst I’ve even seen…

  12. I think I saw about 3 ponchos in the Seattle area last year, but that was it. Maybe a couple the year before that. They never really caught on here. Depending on the pattern, shrugs can look a lot better, since they are at least somewhat related to sweaters and some really are just short cardigans. But I really hate the ones that button at the neck and your boobs stick out underneath–they look like crap on anyone.

  13. eek! Yes, when will the craft industry pick up on the fact that ponchos are OUT!!!?

  14. My biggest question about ponchos has always been in reference to hair. I’m in the Portland area (Hi Washu!) and I, too, have seen them around here, though lately, only around school yards. But WHY would you design something for females that have to be pulled over the head, messing up a ‘do that is difficult enough to keep nice looking in all the rain?


  16. Yep, ponchos were big in the Boston area…never saw any quite that fugly though, except in the middle school my sister went to…one of those “pukey color backround, loud obnoxious purple flower motif strewn” jobs. Shudder.

  17. OK the one on the right is really not so bad. I kind of like that one.

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